Cinema Tuesdays

Every Tuesday I post about a movie that fits under the monthly theme that I decide on, although I do also take requests. I take all of the screen caps myself, but since I don't own the rights to any movie, you are free to use them too, as long as you link back to my original post.

Cinema Tuesdays' Month by Month Themes:

Dec 2009: Christmas
Jan 2010: No Theme
Feb 2010: Spy Spoofs
Mar 2010: Pressburger and Powell
Apr 2010: How To Movies
May 2010: Comedy Crime Capers
June 2010: Sixties Sex Comedies
Jul 2010: An American Abroad
Aug 2010: On The Road
Sept 2010: Technicolor Musicals
Oct 2010: Comic Westerns
Nov 2010: Screwballs
Dec 2010: Fashionably British Comedies
Jan 2011: Money Isn't Everything
Feb 2011: Bored in the Suburbs
Mar 2011: Funny Divorces
Apr 2011: Nostalgia with Woody Allen
Jul 2011: The Art of Burlesque
    Aug 2011: Second World War Musicals
      Oct 2011: Retro Spoof Musicals
        Nov 2011: An Affair to Remember