Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {The Long Long Trailer}

Picture 9

From 1953, it's the first movie pairing of Lucy and Desi and the movie is basically a 90 minute episode of I Love Lucy with a simple plot that plays out in a series of sketches. And it's a wonderful Technicolor feast for the eyes of full skirted and casual Fifties styles.

Picture 30

Lucy and Ricky, I'm sorry I mean Tacy and Nicky are about to be married. Only, Nicky is an engineer who has to travel all over the country to oversee the building of his projects, so that means that Tacy wont be able to make a proper home for Nicky, at least not while all this post-war prosperity lasts.
Picture 29

So, Tacy has a brilliant idea. Instead of spending money on hotel rooms and eating out, why not buy a trailer and drive it around to all of Nicky's cross-country projects.
Picture 34

Picture 45

Unfortunately, the affordable trailer that she picked out wasn't made for anyone who was over five feet tall, had a head and neck attached to their body and might like to lie down in the separate beds once in a while.
Picture 52

But then they see it.
Picture 53

Forty feet of mobile home goodness and it even has a closet.
Picture 65

And an actual kitchen with matching white appliances and everything.
Picture 66

And you can even stand up in it.
Picture 63

Poor Nicky! But look, his tie matches the cushions! It was meant to be.
Picture 78

Before Nicky knows what's happening, he's in the office, signing the cheque for the down payment and he's been taken to the cleaners and he doesn't even know his pants are off.
Picture 83

Of course, he also has to buy a new car that heavy enough to pull the trailer and matches it.
Picture 106

Luckily, Tacy has a large family to help them move all of the wedding gifts and boxes of necessary pots and pans in. Nicky's golf clubs, sadly, didn't survive the move.
Picture 122

I love her dress here!
Picture 135

But at least they're happy.
Picture 149

And they can start on their cross-country honeymoon trip from LA to Colorado, where Nicky's new job is.
Picture 164

And on the way, the newlyweds can discover all of problems that come with driving a trailer. Like holding up traffic on two-lane highways.
Picture 179

Finding out that Tacy reads maps upside down.
Picture 184

That new sub-culture: the Trailer Park Dweller.
Picture 234

Realizing that all showers attack their owners.
Picture 247

Getting stuck in the mud on old logging roads, a.k.a. the shortcut.
Picture 297

Destroying Tacy's aunt's balcony by backing into it.
Picture 353

Taking turns driving and giving directions.
Picture 397

And paying for more parking meters then normal.
Picture 380

This is my favourite outfit in the movie. I love the applique around the sweetheart neckline and the transparent tartan.
Picture 358

And kids, don't try to make supper in a moving trailer.
Picture 390

Picture 340

But through all of the funny mishaps, Nicky and Tacy are still happy with their moving home. And I just noticed that no one on Mad Men has ever worn jeans. Shame on Janie Bryant.
Picture 314

I love the silver lamè borders on their serviettes.
Picture 173

Keenan Wynn has a hilarious cameo as a traffic cop.
Picture 199

And Marjorie Main makes an appearance as the fabulous Marjorie Main.
Picture 401

Anyway, back to the plot. Throughout the road trip, Tacy has been buying preservatives which add weight to the trailer.
Picture 409

And she's been collecting small boulders to remember the various stops that they've made on their honeymoon. Sounds a bit crazy, but I guess they forgot the camera.
Picture 417

The problem is that they have to drive up mountains when they get to Colorado and they can't have any extra weight in the trailer.
Picture 430

So, instead of getting rid of the rocks and jars like Nicky asked, Tacy just distributed the weight throughout the trailer. Only the drive up the mountain dislodged everything and they still have to drive down the mountain. And then Nicky discovers what has happened, because there's always a fight ten minutes before the picture ends.

It's available on Regions 1 & 4 and on YouTube in nine parts (at the moment).

Here's the original The Long Long Trailer trailer.


barncat said...

This just popped up on my reader, made my day! Love this movie! I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures you've shared. So fun!

Andi B. Goode said...

I just love this film - it's one of my favourites. =D
-Andi x

Anonymous said...

Great movie!!

lauren carney said...

i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
they are all kinds of fancy!
thanks for sharing them with the world!