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Cinema Tuesdays {Les Girls}

Picture 3
I love 1957's Les Girls! How can you not love Cole Porter, Mitzi Gaynor and Kay Kendall in one movie? Unfortunately, it's also the last time Gene Kelly played the lead role in a MGM musical.
Picture 15
Sybil, before she married and became Lady Wren, was part of the act Barry Nichols and Les Girls in Paris. Angele is suing Sybil, because Sybil's book says that she tried to gas herself.
Picture 43
This is Angele's counsel. Why, yes, that is Patrick Macnee before he became John Steed.
Picture 40
Now that is what you wear to court! Kay Kendall always dressed so wonderfully. The should be a Tumblr devoted to Kay Kendall.

Sybil's Story:

Picture 92
Angele joined the act after auditioning wearing some flower baskets. Mitzi Gaynor plays Joy and I love how she's wearing that pink scarf. Sybil also has a fabulous fisherman's cardigan.
Picture 106
According to Sybil, when Angele moved into the apartment, she brought with her a ton of expensive clothing, that hat and some furs that her uncle gave her.
Picture 125

Picture 159

Picture 196
I found this dance to be very modern and I'm digging that crazy set. Barry says that Angele needs a lot of rehearsal in order to get her up to speed with the act.
Picture 204
Naturally, he takes her out to a late supper afterwards. Yes, those are cherries in that hat.
Picture 226
Pretty soon, they're having all day rehearsals in a boat. Because you can't not rehearse in a boat.
Picture 213
I love Joy's outfit here, very Fifties and I want that cardigan.
Picture 225
But look who shows up while Angele is in a boat: her fiancé Pierre who thinks she's studying to be a nurse and volunteers at an orphanage.
Picture 235
"We're Ladies in Waiting" -definitely the funniest part of the movie.
Picture 265
Anyway, Angele is worried that Pierre has found out that's she's been dancing instead of becoming a nurse and Barry has just fired her for missing her cue. Notice how the lighting shows the audience the debt of her despair. And that's why she tried to gas herself, says Sybil.
Picture 274
Yes, that is Leslie Phillips paying Sir Gerald Wren. Unfortunately this is before he became Leslie Phillips, so he doesn't use any of his catchphrases, not even "Hello". Major disappointment.
Picture 278
Meanwhile, Angele tries to convince Pierre that Sybil was lying while wearing a soft, feminine dress to show how much she is a devoted wife. The flowers are a nice touch.
Picture 285
This is Angele's trial outfit. Not as terrific as Sybil's, but more in keeping with her character as a devoted, elegant French wife.

Angele's Story:
Picture 295
According to Agele, Sir Gerald dropped by the girls' flat one day when he was in Paris for business and Angele and Joy had to cover for Sybil. I love Joy's plaid shirt and red pants.
Picture 315
In this flashback, Sybil was rather partial to gin-based perfumes.
Picture 319
And to singing Bizet's Carmen in the middle of the afternoon. Kay Kendall was really a marvelous comedienne.
Picture 338
Angele lies to Barry that Sybil drinks because she's in love with him in order to save Sybil's job.
Picture 344
So, Barry gives up drinking around Sybil and spends more time with her. I think that Joy's outfit here is more in keeping with Grace Kelly in Mogambo.
Picture 367
I love this routine. It's a shame that Kay Kendall wasn't able to do more musical comedies.
Picture 384
Anyway, while the act was on tour in Spain, Gerald shows up to convince Sybil to return to England and marry him. And Sybil tells two different lies to Gerald and Barry which leads to the traditional fisticuffs. Sink me, that waist is tiny!
Picture 407

Picture 412
So, Sybil goes back to drinking, Gerald goes back to London and Barry fires her and again we have to lighting and the same outcome as with Angele.
Picture 418
Gerald is rather ticked off and not even Sybil's awesome hat can convince him otherwise.
Picture 431
Yes, the LBD is fabulous, but how cool is the Wren's apartment! Red rooms with white couches are cool, but Sybil is doing needle work!
Picture 446
The only way to get at the truth is to call in a surprise witness.
Picture 444

Picture 448
Feathered hat and velvet coat!

Barry's Story:

Picture 466
According to Barry, he only had eyes for Joy, who wont give him the time of day because she wants a commitment.
Picture 494
So, he gives in and says that they're engaged. So she takes him home after the show and slips into something a little more comfortable. It's not what he's expecting, but Joy's a very smart girl by giving him a preview to see if he can handle it.
Picture 508
Meanwhile, Gerald and Pierre want Barry to fire the girls because they know that as long as Sybil and Angele are with the theatre, they can't get married. So, Barry comes up with a devious plan for all three of them to get married without firing anyone.
Picture 534
Barry pretends that dancing is killing him and swears Joy to secrecy. Naturally Joy tells the other two, who decide to quit the act to save Barry's life and marry so that he wont worry about how they are going to support themselves, which is the only reason why he's still dancing against doctor's orders.
Picture 539
The girls give Barry a party to let him down gently. I love all of their party dresses, but Sybil's is my favourite. Which is yours?

So, who tried to gas themselves? Was it an accident? What does Joy think of Angele and Sybil's stories? Was Barry telling the truth or lying to save Sybil and Angele's marriages? But then again:
Picture 558

There's no trailer, so here is Gene Kelly's impression of Brando in The Wild One:

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