Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Divorce Italian Style}

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Marcello Mastroianni stars in this 1961 comedy. He plays Ferdinando, a Sicilian nobleman in a small town.
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This is his house and coat of arms.
Picture 19
These are his parents.
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This is his wife, Rosalia. They've been married for twelve years and don't have any children, which is hard to imagine in traditional, Catholic Sicily.
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He's bored in his marriage but his wife isn't. You know, she would be so bad if she did a little tweezing and got a different hairstyle.
Picture 27
This is his sixteen year old first cousin Angela, who lives in the other wing of the house. He wants to marry her, but divorce is illegal in Italy, however marrying one's first cousin isn't.
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So, what is Ferdinando going to do?
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Then he has a brilliant daydream: Kill Rosalia!
Picture 113
But first, he has to find out if Angela loves him too.
Picture 144
She does. Umm... yay?
Picture 161
But, how to kill his wife?
Fortunately, there's a legal loophole.
The crime of passion. All he has to do is to catch his wife with a lover and he gets 3-7 years for avenging his family honour. And since he's an aristocrat, he'll get the minimum sentence.
Picture 169
But first he has to find a lover, which you can't exactly advertise for.
Picture 190
Then he discovers some old love letters that her first boyfriend wrote to her, before he was declared missing in North Africa during the war.
Picture 218
But he's not dead! He turns up one day to restore some art in the church and Ferdinando hires him to restore the frescoes in his living room.
Picture 246
He also bugs the living room to find out how his plan is going.
Picture 226
It seems to be working. They still have the same feelings for each other. It's only a matter of time.
Picture 310
And then La Dolce Vita opens and the entire town goes to see it, because they heard it was dirty.
Picture 318
Except Rosalia, who has another headache.
Picture 328
So, Ferdinando sneaks out while Anita Ekberg is dancing.
No, you don't see Ferdinando watching Marcello Mastroianni on screen. That would be weird, but funny.
Picture 334
Only, instead of meeting for a tryst at the house, he sees Rosalia taking a suitcase to the train station. Only, by the time he grabs the gun and runs to the station, he's too late. For once, the train is on time.
Picture 341
Then word gets around and the town shuns his family because Ferdinando is a cuckold and the family honour is ruined. The town and his family expect him to do something.
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Then he runs into the boyfriend's wife, who also expects him to do something. Only he doesn't know where they are.
Picture 404
Fortunately, the local mob guy offers to find them. For the good of the community, you know.
Picture 429
So, who gets there first? Does he get to marry Angela?

I couldn't find a trailer, but I found a clip:

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