Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Bedazzled}

Picture 5
From 1967, Bedazzled is the inspiration for this month theme of Dealing with the Devil. Not only is it a brilliant modern version of Faust, but it's also a hilarious satire of the Sixties. If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out on a truly terrific film.
Produced and directed by Stanley Donen, the story is by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, the screenplay is by Peter Cook and the music is by Dudley Moore. This is Cook and Moore at the height of their creative comedic partnership.
Picture 21
Dudley Moore plays poor Stanley Moon, a short order cook and a loser. Nothing good has ever happened in his life.
Picture 321
Peter Cook's classmate and frequent Cook and Moore collaborator, the fabulous Eleanor Bron plays Margaret Spencer, a waitress at the fast food restaurant where Stanley works. Stanley's spent six years trying to work up the courage to ask Margaret out, but just can't seem to manage to do so.
Picture 31
Peter Cook plays the Devil, or George Spiggott as he's known in London. George has taken an interest in Stanley.
Picture 41
"Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing that you were making an unsuccessful suicide bid"
Picture 50
George offers Stanley the standard Seven Wishes For Your Soul contact and Stanley reluctantly agrees. The problem with the wishes is that Stanley is never specific enough and George is always able to find a loophole in order to prevent Stanley from having Margaret all to himself. But George explains that it's God's fault for giving him the compulsion to trick people and make mischief in the world. Stanley starts to realize that his life wasn't so bad before. And all George wants to do is to get back into heaven. You can't help but feel sorry for George. He's bored with his job, reduced to smashing up fruit in the odd crate, giving people parking tickets and being mean to old ladies. Plus the only helpers he has are the Seven Deadly Sins and they're more concerned with their own desires than with helping their boss, so George has to do everything himself. He's made the world such a rotten place that the only thing that he's come up with recently is advertising.
George and Stanley become good friends during the course of the film, since they're both so miserable with their lives and George really does want to help Stanley, but he just can't ignore his compulsion to trick people.
Picture 60
This is George's London office.
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Picture 161
Raquel Welch also stars as Lust.
Picture 174
"Tell me you need me. Oh, Love Me!"
Picture 179

Picture 193
"This week's exciting new discovery: Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations!"
Picture 200
"You fill me with inertia"
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Picture 287
The Leaping Order of St. Beryl. You can see the original sketch from their TV show Not Only But Also here.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Trip to the Garden City

Ferry to Victoria
Last Friday, it was warm, sunny and the start of the long weekend (for Victoria Day) and the ferry was running extra sailings. So I got up really early and took several buses and a ferry to reach the capital of British Columbia, named in honour of the late Queen.
Ferry Trip
The ferry was only a couple of years old, as opposed to the older ones from the Seventies that I normally take to visit my Grandma on the Sunshine Coast. The new ferry included a fancy lounge for people who can afford the $12 entry fee. It was completely empty but it shows your tax dollars at work.
Ferry Trip
The ferry ride was an hour and a half and really boring. So I read my book while trying to balance crappy ferry coffee. Ferries used to have cup holders and places to put your feet up, but not anymore for some strange, unknown reason.
The Empress Hotel
The Empress is the most famous hotel in BC and was built in 1908. It originally didn't have a sign, since it's quite clear that it's a Canadian Pacific Hotel. Plus it's in the harbour and next door to the legislative building. You can read about it's history here.
The Empress hotel
One day, I shall have Afternoon Tea at the Empress, even through it's expensive and the touristy thing to do. I wanted to take a picture of the ceiling of the crystal ballroom, but couldn't, since a wedding was being set up in it. Instead I took a picture of the original post box next to the elevators.
Trash Can
This is one of the downtown sidewalk trash cans. They all look like this, isn't that nice.
I only stayed downtown, because I was on foot and downtown is the only part of Victoria that I have a mental map of.
Gates of Harmony
Victoria's Chinatown is the oldest in Canada and the second oldest in North America, after San Francisco. However it's now quite small, about two blocks, especially compared to Vancouver's.
Fan Tan Cafe
I had lunch at the Fan Tan Cafe, which was small, but had delicious food, excellent service and was really cheap.
Fan Tan Alley
Fan Tan Alley (between Pandora and Fisgard streets) is the narrowest street in Canada. The part where that woman is walking to is less than a metre wide!
Victoria BC
There are a lot of colourful buildings downtown from the last half of the nineteenth century. These two are my favourites.
Victoria BC

Royal BC Museum
I then went to the Royal BC Museum, which is more focused on being for tourists then for educating the locals about their own history.
I took as many photos as I could. Most of the photos didn't turn out well, since the lighting is low (to preserve the artifacts) and I couldn't use my flash, which damages the artifacts, even through a lot of the tourists couldn't read the "No Flash Photography" signs. Remember kids, never never never turn your flash on in museums and art galleries, it makes History cry.
But there's still some neat stuff to see, like the Natural History and fun with taxidermy section.
Royal BC Museum
The First Nations exhibit, which has stuff from all tribes in BC, not just the ones from Victoria. These are some Haida hats.
Royal BC Museum
And of course the permanent historical exhibit that combines the "cram as much of BC's history into a bite sized portions" and the "look at all of the stuff people used in the olden days" exhibits into one small section.
Royal BC Museum

The Discovery
There's a small model of the HMS Discovery (Captain George Vancouver's ship) to walk through, which reminded me of last week's episode of Doctor Who with the pirates.
The Discovery

Royal BC Museum

Fort Victoria
Model of the original city, back when it was Fort Victoria in the 1840's and a fur trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company.
Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum

Royal BC Museum
Naturally, there a mock up of a silent movie palace to show school children what silent films look like. This one always plays clips from The Gold Rush.
Inside Helmcken House
Next door to the museum is Helcken House, which reopened that day, one of the oldest houses in BC still on it's original site. There wasn't a lot of stuff in it, but it did have this beautiful kitchen floor and a cool medicine chest.
Helmcken House

Building Plans for the BC Legislative Building
Building plans for the parliament buildings to hold BC's legislative assembly, built between 1893 and 1896.
Provincial Legislative Building
I didn't go on the free tour because the legislature wasn't sitting and there were a few field trip groups of rowdy teenagers and screaming children waiting for a tour.
Munro's Books
I didn't go into any stores, because I didn't want to find anything I wanted and would then have to carry around in the heat and then drag back with me. But I did go into Munro's Books (yes, that Munro) and since Duthie's closed in Vancouver, the closet general independent bookstore. I bought Some Sunny Day by Dame Vera Lynn and The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain.
I still can't believe that I had to spend a total of two hours on buses and three hours on ferries just to shop at an independent bookstore.

You can see more of my picture in this set on Flickr.