Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daily Outfit

7 April 12

No, I don't just hang out in the cemetery randomly. Okay, I do sometimes. However, I've been slowly learning how to drive in the cemetery. It's great. There are hardly any people to not run over, no cars and there are roads and corners to go around in.

Cardigan: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Bloch

I decided to follow Casey's tutorial and add a Cupid's Arrow to this plain black cardi and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Detail 7 April 12

In other news, I'm leaving tomorrow for my two week vacation.
I've decided to have an adventure. So, I'm going on the greatest journey that a Canadian can take in a lifetime.
Okay, maybe not the greatest.
I can't afford the greatest.
I'm going on the greatest Canadian journey that I can afford to take.
Let's go with that.
I've scheduled a couple of posts for when I'm gone and I'll have pictures when I get back.
Does anyone know if I can buy Remix vintage shoes in T.O.? Or maybe just a pair of saddle shoes?


Lucy Nation said...

Really like this outfit. I love cemetries. Hanging out in cemetries isn't weird at all is it? :)

Franca said...

I have often wondered whether it's acceptable to take photos in cemetaries. I did do it recently so I suppose I'll say yes. I love what youve done with the cardie and enjoy your adventure!

C Money said...

What happened? You up and disappeared from the blogosphere.