Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Little Shop of Horrors}

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This 1986 Frank Oz musical comedy is an adaptation of the successful Off-Broadway musical, which itself was an adaptation of the 1960 cult classic The Little Shop of Horrors, which is famous for being shot in two days. Did you get that?
Little Shop of Horrors is the traditional story of Boy Meets Girl Meets Man-Eating Plant. Rick Moranis plays Seymour, the nebbishy assistant in the flower shop who's in love, from afar, with Audrey, the floral arranger with no self-esteem who is dating a sadistic dentist and she is played by Ellen Greene (a.k.a. Aunt Vivian on Pushing Daisies) who is reprising her Broadway role.
Seymour becomes famous for his strange and peculiar plant named Audrey II, who appeared during a total eclipse of the sun. Eventually Audrey II (voiced by Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops)reveals itself to be a Mean Green Mother from Outer Space, although anyone who has seen this version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers will know that all pods from outer space are bent on world domination.
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I love the Motown Greek Chorus! I think that the vast majority of movies could be improved by adding a Motown Greek Chorus.
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Love John Candy's hair style!
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I think that Orin Schrivello, DDS is Steve Martin's best role ever! Discuss.
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Fun Fact: Bill Murray is playing the character that a very young Jack Nicholson played in the original movie.
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This is not the original ending to either the musical or the original movie. You can read about the original ending here, but I like this ending better, because you can't have a Boy Meets Girl musical comedy if they both die at the end.
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Bottom Line: It's such a fun movie, you'll love it! Besides, where else are you going to see a singing, swearing and dancing giant plant?

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