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Cinema Tuesdays {School For Scoundrels}

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This 1959 movie was based on a series of published "lectures" by Stephen Potter on the art of Oneupmanship or how to be one-up on the other fellow at all times. I really ought to write up a post on Mr. Potter's books. Someone remind me to do that. The film is really a series of sketches demonstrating the technique of oneupmanship and applying it so that you are a lifeman as opposed to a loser.
Picture 29
Ian Carmichael plays Our Hero: Henry Palfrey. Poor Henry is a loser and a failure at life. He is one of those people who is constantly one-down as opposed to one-up.
Picture 41
Then something happens. He runs into the Heroine named April Smith (Janette Scott) on the bus and asks her out. Yay for Henry!
Picture 59
This is the office and employees that Henry inherited from his uncle. Look at that, no electronics and whirling machines, just a telephone and a typewriter but it seems to function just as well without computers and crackberries.
Picture 61
Ol' Whatshisface is Henry's by the book chief clerk. They have agreed that Henry should not make any major decisions without consulting him first, especially after the last incident.
Picture 72
What the man-about-town is wearing this season: school tie, cuff links, signet ring and a phone heavy enough to be a murder weapon.
Picture 77
What a lovely silk dress and waiting area.
Picture 89
Henry trusted Whatshisface to make a reservation, but he didn't because he thought the restaurant too extravagant. And look at who the head waiter is. It's John Le Mesurier! Hell Yeah John Le Mesurier!
Picture 104
Terry-Thomas is (naturally) playing the Bounder. He is naturally one-up on everyone. Terry-Thomas also has a reservation, so he graciously invites the young couple to join him.
Picture 114

Picture 117
Providing that Henry picks up the bill.
Picture 129
Terry-Thomas then invites Henry to a friendly game of tennis on the weekend, with April watching.
Picture 133
Poor Henry!
Picture 139
Henry decides to buy a car so that he can drive April around. Luckily he wanders into a dealership who know a sucker when they see one. You may recognize Dennis Price in the bad pin stripe from killing Sir Alec Guinness over and over again in Kind Hearts and Coronets.

Picture 149
Naturally the Swift Mobile breaks down. I blame the large hood ornament.

At the Club, Terry-Thomas and Henry engage in the meanest game ever played in tennis whites.

Picture 160
I love the lace detailing.
Picture 167
And the Swift Mobile doesn't quite get the reaction that Henry was hoping for.
Picture 176
Poor Henry!
Picture 8
So Henry packs his bags and heads to Yeovil to enter the College of Lifemanship.
Picture 14

Picture 25
The College is run by it's founder Mr. S. Potter (as brilliantly played by Alastair Sim)
Picture 192

Picture 204
This lesson is my favourite and it teaches you how to play pool and win.
Picture 214
Meanwhile, Potter's clothes become less academic and more casual.
Picture 224

Picture 250
The courses being over, it is time for Henry to pass his exams in the real world. Such as returning a car without a receipt.
Picture 293
Giving Whatshisface a new ulcer and starting him smoking again.
Picture 311
Then Henry shows us how to take down a Bounder while being completely relaxed.
Picture 321
And how to get anyone to drive into a brick wall in broad daylight.
Picture 331
Remember when people used to carry their running shoes around on their necks.
Picture 348
Henry then challenges Terry-Thomas to a rematch while in his street clothes. Shocking!!!
Picture 358
Who is that fellow lurking in the shrubbery?
Picture 372

Picture 388
Naturally Henry wins both the game and April's affections.
Picture 390
And he passes with flying colours.
Picture 469
He then manages to get April back to his place and into his robe in under twenty minutes.
Picture 452
Meanwhile, Terry-Thomas decides to follow that lurking man and finds him buying a ticket to Yeovil.
Picture 478
Will they make it back in time or will Henry stop himself from using all of the tricks that he learned at the College?

School for Scoundrels is available in Regions 1 and 2, I couldn't find out about the other Regions. Or you could download it.

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