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Cinema Tuesdays {Holiday}

Picture 4
Ta-da! From the same year as Bringing Up Baby, it's this lesser known but still perfectly marvellous pairing of KH and Cary Grant.
Picture 9
Edward Everett Horton and Jean Dixon play Nick and Susan. He's a professor and she's an intellectual.
Picture 39
Nick and Susan are old friends with Johnny Case, a free-thinker who's been working since he was 10 years old (remember that) and he now does something big in business. Anyway, he finally went on his first vacation in twenty years and he met this girl -you know the story.
Picture 55
Her name's Julia and she's beautiful and sweet and beautiful. All Johnny can talk about is her beauty. He didn't even find out that she lives in this huge mansion on the Upper West Side.
Picture 68
Or that her house has it's own elevator. You know, one of the first things that I ask someone new is "Does your house have it's own private elevator?". After all, if they say yes, then you would want to be friends with them for a long time, even just for the novelty of having a friend with their own elevator.
Picture 105
You know Johnny, before you go rushing into things, maybe you should have found out more about Julia, like why is she wearing that ridiculous half of a fur sleeve?
Picture 133
Or maybe you should have met her sister Linda first. Linda is really much nicer Johnny.
Picture 172
Linda lives upstairs in the playroom, the only part of the house that doesn't resemble a tomb.
Picture 182

Picture 179
That's right Johnny, you and your crooked bow tie have gone for beauty instead of personality and picked the wrong girl, but don't realize that yet, the movie's only just started.
Picture 210
From the moment that they got back to New York, Julia has subtly been trying to change Johnny, mostly with his hair and bow tie. Clearly she has not heard that bow ties are cool!
Picture 247
And now it's time to meet Daddy. We will not get into the fact that all three adult Seton children have father issues, Ned and Linda with his dominance and Julia wanting to turn Johnny into her father before they get married. Instead we will just look at the look on Papa's face as he listens to Johnny tell him of how he's worked his way through Harvard by doing hard labour jobs. Yes, he has no social background but how did you earn your money Mr. Seton? By inheriting?
Picture 258
Johnny may be a free-thinker, but he wont be once Julia becomes Mrs. Case.
Picture 270
Linda has been deceived by Julia's beauty all her life and is totally convinced that Julia loves Johnny just the way he is. You can see the difference between the sisters just in their sleep wear, with Julia's fussy pyjamas with far too many buttons and Linda's easy-going chenille robe. Linda wants to give a small party up in the play room to announce the engagement.
Picture 276
A nice, intimate gathering with no formalities.
Picture 280
That's a very Thirties gold lamé gown with a New Look belt, don't you think.
Picture 285
These are the Seton's horrible cousins: Seton and Laura Cram. I could be wrong, but don't you think that Laura's hair is just a few years too early?
Picture 303
Poor brother Ned. He hates working for father and isn't very good at it. He wanted to be a composer, so instead he took up drinking as a hobby.
Picture 313
Nick and Susan don't like the look of what Johnny has gotten himself into.
Picture 327
Rather then face the party, they let the elevator decide where they're going.
Picture 338
And they wind up at the real party in the play room.
Picture 356

Picture 371
Poor Johnny. He's slowly realizing the mistake he's making since Punch and Judy are making more sense then he is.
Picture 389
One of my favourite lines in the picture:
"My Daddy made me promise to stop after my first million"
"You are probably joking Professor"
My Dad made me promise the same thing, only with inflation and the rise of the cost of living, it's now my first twenty million, but I'll settle for ten.
Picture 396
Yes, KH and Cary Grant are doing their own stunts.
Picture 399

Picture 415
I love how simple her dress is and the jewellery is just right, not to much or too little.
Picture 436
Johnny has just made a lot of money with a business deal and he can now tell Julia and Daddy what he has been waiting for his entire life: make some money now and retire early when he's still young and healthy, so that he go on holiday and can find out who he is, what the point of making more money then you could ever need is and generally the meaning of life and then go back to work when he's old.
This goes over like a lead balloon.
"What!?!" says Daddy
"But Johnny, there's no thrill in the world like making money" says Julia
You can tell that neither of them have ever had to work in their lives and that Daddy should have hired Julia instead of Ned.
I think that Johnny's theory of retire early, work late is interesting and makes sense. I would like to test this theory and will accept large donations made to my PayPal account. For purely scientific research purposes, you know.

Picture 468
Finally, Johnny realizes that he did pick the wrong girl, but Linda is still convinced that Julia is in love with Johnny as he is, not just for how she sees his potential for becoming an important and rich man.
Picture 519
Johnny disappears for a few days to think and Linda goes to the Potter's to find out more. Naturally they realize that Linda's in love with him and they like her better. Nick and Susan are sailing to France for research and Johnny wants to start his holiday with them and Julia. If only he can convince her to go.
Picture 531
Finally, Linda starts to see Julia as she really is.
Picture 541
What an interesting dress!
Picture 567
So, what does Johnny decide? Is he more in love with Julia or the idea of being free? And what does Linda do about her feelings for Johnny?
Picture 565

Holiday is on DVD and at the moment in 13 parts on YouTube.
I could find a trailer, so here is a clip video that someone made of some of the best moments.

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