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Cinema Tuesdays {The Awful Truth}

Picture 485
For March, I thought that I would do Comedies about Divorce. Not to be depressing or anything but I've put together a list of rather interesting films that fitted around this theme.
And what's so interesting about The Awful Truth, you may well ask, since I'm assuming that you've all seen it?
Well, apparently, this is is the first cinematic recording of that wonderful and perpetually amused Cary Grant persona that we all love and it was supposedly based on the film's director Leo McCarey (who won the Oscar for this film).
Picture 492
Jerry has just returned home from two weeks in Florida with a tan he got an hour ago at his club and a basket full of oranges from California and some of their friends who were just hanging around waiting for the bars to open.
Picture 505
Whilst Jerry is mixing the eggnog and wondering where his wife is, in waltzes Lucy wearing last night's gorgeous gown.
Picture 531

Picture 508
At look at who followed her, Armand the music teacher. His car broke down on the way back from a dance and they had to stay at this inn overnight.
Picture 528
So, everyone leaves to let Jerry and Lucy... and Armand talk it over as well as the oranges from California.
Picture 552
Naturally they end up in divorce court. Now, what I've never understood about this double standard of the Code is that Irene Dunn has to spend the rest of the movie proving that nothing happened between Lucy and Armand but not only do we never find out what Cary Grant was up to during those two weeks that he was supposed to be in Florida but not another word is said about the matter. Does anyone have any thoughts on this plot point?
Picture 555

Picture 576
Since both Lucy and Jerry seem to have pots of money from somewhere, the only thing which must be decided is who gets custody of Asta. I mean, who gets custody of Mr. Smith, as played by Asta. Lucy gets him because she tricked Mr. Smith, but Jerry is allowed visitations. Their divorce will become final in ninety days, provided they don't reconcile beforehand.
Picture 585
Lucy takes a flat with Aunt Patsy, who wants to go out and have fun but Lucy stays home all night.
Picture 588

Picture 604

Picture 610
So, Aunt Patsy finds an oil man named Daniel out in the hallway and brings him in. Poor Ralph Bellamy. Always playing the second fiddle and never getting the girl because he's too attached to his demanding mother.
Picture 620
Lucy throws herself at Daniel because it annoys Jerry when he comes round to see Mr. Smith.
Picture 643
"Maw, I'm in love"
Picture 639
"Lucy, do you know what rebound is?"
Picture 647
What a lovely nightclub. I do wish that nightclubs were still around.
Picture 661
And look at who should run into each other. Why it's Jerry and a newly engaged Lucy.
Picture 682
Jerry has been hanging out with the club's singer, Dixie Belle Lee.
Picture 684
You remember her act, right?
Picture 685

Picture 690
Don't worrying, Dixie Belle isn't as embarrassing as Daniel trying to dance.
Picture 693
Jerry has figured out just how easy it'll be to break up Lucy and Daniel's engagement.
Picture 721

Picture 736
Jerry is also surprised when he follows Lucy one day and finds out that she has actually been performing with and not taking lessons from Armand.
Picture 725

Picture 740

Picture 747
But then Daniel and Mother drop by that afternoon and are shocked to find Armand and Jerry have been fighting in Lucy's bedroom. Where else are they supposed to fight? The sidewalks are so crowded nowadays.
Picture 752

Picture 765
Now that Daniel is out of the picture, Lucy is shocked to open the paper and find out that Jerry has been going with an heiress. The nerve of Jerry.
Picture 770

Picture 776

Picture 782

Picture 789
So, three months have finally passed and Lucy drops in to share a morning champagne toast to their divorce with Jerry. Only she answers the phone when Barbara is calling.
Picture 800

Picture 801
Naturally that was Jerry's sister that answered. Yes, the one who was in Paris, just arrived you know. No, she can't come to your dinner tonight.
Picture 812
So, Lucy decides to return the favour that Jerry did by getting rid of Daniel by showing up as Jerry's sister Lola. Only, no one likes her floor show.
Picture 835
And then Jerry has to drive her car out to Aunt Patsy's cabin because he thinks that Lucy's drunk.
Picture 845
You remember what happens next, with the cat and the clock.

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Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, I ADORE this film. It always leaves me in stitches whenever I watch it. Especially when Cary puts on the hat that is too big for him!
-Andi x