Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Phffft!}

Picture 1
From 1954 it's the second movie that Jack Lemmon and Judy Holliday made together, after this one.
Picture 42
In 1946, Charlie and Robert spend the entire war (or at least since the Americans finally joined) working for the Navy behind a desk in New York.
Picture 52
Charlie then introduces Robert to Nina, a young radio writer doing research on the Navy. He offers to help her do her taxes, but not on the government's time of course.
Picture 55
So they go back to her room and Robert explains his interesting theory about receipts.
Picture 66
At the end of the summer, Robert has received his discharge and has gotten a job at a law firm and Nina has been given her own soap opera to write.
Picture 67

Picture 74
Robert then suggests that maybe they should file a joint income tax return.
Picture 120
Fast Forward eight years and Robert is a partner in his firm and Nina is now writing the very successful TV show: Serena Noble, Doctor's Wife.
Picture 13
However their marriage is stuck in a rut, so Nina suggests that maybe they should get divorced.
Picture 18
And Robert says that he has come to the same conclusion.
Picture 25
Isn't this a great bathroom.
Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 31
"Well Mrs. Tracey, that sure was a beautiful divorce"
Picture 35
"He'll probably never get over me"
Picture 40
So, Robert moves in with Charlie, who's still a bachelor.
Picture 104
And Nina's mother picks her up from the airport and takes her for a liquid lunch.
Picture 134
Nina is then asked out by the lead actor from her TV show.
Picture 158
But he only wanted to offer her suggestion about what to do with his character.
Picture 160
All Robert wants to do is to finish his book, but Charlie sends him on a date with this girl named Janice that he knows.
Picture 169
This is Kim Novak's first movie and she does this impression/parody of Marilyn for the entire movie.
Picture 184
Robert can't believe how dumb Janice is or that she invites herself up to his place before they've eaten.
Picture 195
Robert then gets depressed and sends Janice on her way.
Isn't this a great dress! Reminds me of Grace Kelly's in Rear Window.
Picture 198

Picture 204
Nina is also depressed and so she decides to learn French, but she isn't good at it.
Picture 221
Robert, being middle aged, buys a red sports car.
Picture 225
Whereas Nina buys a new wardrobe.
Picture 239
They had planned to take dance lessons while they were married, so now they both head down to Arthur Murray.
Picture 232
Nice sleeves.
Picture 241
Robert also grows a moustache and blonde young enough to be his daughter.
Picture 247
I love her jewellery here.
Picture 259
Look who is about to run into each other.
Maybe if they had gone dancing once in a while, they wouldn't have gotten divorced.
Picture 274
I love her black dress in this scene. Wait till you see it in action, it's perfect.
Picture 292
The next day Robert has his secretary call Nina.
Picture 309
Isn't this just the perfect outfit for that at home days?
Picture 324
Robert goes over that night to go over Nina's taxes, but it doesn't go well. I always wear a little black dress when going over my taxes, don't you?
Picture 336
Mother then suggests that Nina should try a little rebound to get over Robert.
Picture 347
Robert has the same thought and trades in his moustache for a velvet robe and calls Janice over to see his tiger skin rug.
Picture 364
Janice then mentions that Charlie has gone to play pony express with Nina that night.
Picture 375
Good Ol' Charlie.
So, how do Nina and Robert get back together?

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