Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {Summertime}

Such a wonderful film and my favourite travelogue movie. Katharine Hepburn travels to Venice and meets the handsome Rossano Brazzi, who's married.
Her travelling outfit has an interesting neckline and interesting buttons up the back, but I love the belt!
That's the great thing about filming on location -genuine crowds. I think they should bring back travel stickers on luggage.
Nothing against Americans, but you can always spot a typical American tourist.
But they do enjoy themselves.
Has anyone under the age of 50 ever tried one of those flowered-church lady hats? How does it look?
I love that lobby and the spiral staircase. Not too sure that I would be wearing high heeled sandals if I were in her shoes tho.
Love the glamourous widow and that she's wearing rickrack.
I really dig this outfit, especially the skirt.
What I really love about this movie are it's cuts to the buildings and also the people walking about and their outfits. Dig her Spanish shawl.

Katharine Hepburn is wonderful in this film, especially how open she is at showing Miss Hudson's loneliness and her longing to be half of a couple but still knowing that that will never happen.
Wouldn't it be great if you could still buy portable 8mm cameras.
Great sandals. And you can she her slip -shocking! Venice must be getting to her.
She wears this dress a couple of times and the lines are quite interesting and totally suits her.
I could write a paper on the colours of her clothes and the symbolism of the flower and the colour red, but that would take the fun out of watching the film.
He played this character in most of his films, but I like this one the best, mostly because he was the lead and he and Miss Hepburn had great chemistry.

Interesting how she changes out of pastels and into a brighter pink right after she first talks to Rossano Brazzi.
At first I thought that her hairstyle was simple, but after the overhead shot and all those combs and the ribbon, it strikes me as a hairstyle that's easy to do only because her character had worn it this way everyday for 20 years or so.
Don't fall into the canal. Miss Hepburn did develop a permanent eye infection. But if you do fall in the canal, don't wear shoes without backs.
Ah yes, the days before portable hair dryers.
I like that bag, anyone else think that it looks like a souvenir scarf?
The polka-dot dress is lovely, but with a different neckline, no?
Don't you just love it when something from a window display calls to you?
My favourite part of the movie, that scarf and ribbon twisted through the double-stranded pearls.

Both dresses suit both actresses, but the blonde is a little overdressed.
I had one of these when I was small, only mine was a brown dog.
Since both films were released in the same year, I wonder who came up with the fireworks scene first -Mr. Lean or Mr. Hitchcock?
The lone shoe and curtains is quite daring for a Code film, especially since both characters get away with it. A big difference compared to Now Voyager, they were only allowed to smoke and not to cut to swirling curtains.
The matching coat is fantastic!
The morning after and Katharine Hepburn has completely abandoned pastel coloured dresses in favour of separates in earthy colours.

I couldn't find the trailer online, but here's a scene with the pink dress:

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barncat said...

I came over from flickr to check out your embroidery, but found one of my favorite movies! Love, love, love your cinema Tuesdays! Going to go read a few older ones now, and to check out that embroidery, great blog!