Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {Blithe Spirit}

Picture 575
This is David Lean's 1945 colour adaptation of Noel Coward's play Blithe Spirit. I was planning to cover Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines this week, but then I heard about Blithe Spirit and decided to cap it instead. After all, it has Noel Coward's wonderful use of language and Margaret Rutherford playing an eccentric medium on a bicycle.
Picture 9

Picture 14
This is Charles (Rex Harrison) and Ruth. They've been married for five years and Charles' first wife, Elvira, has been dead for seven years.
Picture 139

Picture 33
I love the jeweled neckline on her dress.
Picture 42
Charles is a novelist and invites the Doctor and his wife over for dinner. He also invites Madame Arcati over to perform a seance so that he can get some atmosphere for his new book and possibly expose her as a fake. Don't you just love her velvet and lace dress.
Picture 44

Picture 51

Picture 63
Madame Arcati goes into a trance and Charles starts hearing a voice that no one else can hear.
Picture 71
But then Madame Arcati faints, the lights turn on and Charles can't believe that he heard a voice. After all, she is a phoney. Right?
Picture 76
Well, at least Madame Arcati is convinced that something did happen, even if everyone else is laughing behind her back.
Picture 89
Meanwhile, look who's dropped by for an after seance drink. It's Elvira.
Picture 93
Check out the huge pearl ring and the buttons on Ruth's sleeves.
Picture 95
Charles however is quite shocked to see his dead wife by the bar.
Picture 107
Particularly since he is the only one who can see and hear Elvira. Maybe he's going mad.
Picture 122
Elvira meanwhile, is insisting that Charles summoned her from the Other Side and decides to hang around for a while since she doesn't like what Ruth has done with the house.
Picture 148
Really Charles, how can you sit there in your paisley tie and tell that you weren't drunk and rude to me last night.
Picture 162
Because I wasn't drunk Ruth, Elvira appeared last night and I was talking to her.
Picture 179

Picture 184
The argument continues over lunch.
Picture 187

Picture 191
Meanwhile, Charles spends the whole day looking over his shoulder waiting for Elvira to show up.
Picture 209

Picture 251
Finally, Ruth decides to humour Charles in case he is going mad.
Picture 256
However, Charles counters by asking Elvira to carry the bowl of tulips around the room to convince Ruth that she's here.
Picture 283
So Ruth goes to see Madame Arcati.
Picture 292
Check out the Joan Crawford shoulders and the print's nice too.
Picture 313
However, Madame Arcati doesn't think that she'll be able to send Elvira back, but she'll keep looking.
Picture 348
Charles, however, is quite amused at the prospect of having both of his wives around.
Picture 363
Love this dress, mostly for the shoulders. Aren't decorative shoulders in at the moment?
Picture 391
Ruth goes to London to see if she can find a medium there to send Elvira back and when she returns, she find that Elvira has injured everyone in the house.
Picture 377
Why is it that whenever cooks or maids storm out of the house with their bags packed, they've always got a ratty fur slung around their shoulders?
Picture 414
Ruth decides to tell Charles the truth. That Elvira is trying to kill him and she's driving down to Madame Arcati's to see if she's made any progress.
Picture 430
However, Elvira was expecting Charles to drive the car and she sabotaged it.
Picture 428

Picture 468
After being haunted by Ruth, Elvira decides that she wants to go back.
Picture 485
Madame Arcati thinks that she's figured out a way involving salt and flowers.
Picture 500
No, she just summoned Ruth to see Charles.
Picture 505

Picture 510
Now that he's haunted by both his wives, Madame Arcati and Charles go back to his place to try every trick and seance in the book.
Picture 533
So, does Madame Arcati succeed or is Charles going to have to live with both of his wives until he dies?
Picture 540

The film is available on Region 2 and is available as part of a multi Region DVD The David Lean Collection. It's also available as an "alternative" free download, which actually downloads quite quickly (just Google it, I forget which site it's on). If you get this version, you have to play it in VLC and select the second track under audio.

Here is the original trailer:

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