Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {The Pink Panther}

Capucine plays the partner in crime of the Phantom, the notorious society jewel thief. She may not wear a lot of colour, but her clothes are marvellously cut and can you beat those buttons.
My favourite scene is the elevator scene.
Meanwhile, at a skiing party in the Italian Alps attended by the rich and well-dressed.
The guest of honour is the Princess Dahla, who owns the Pink Panther, the most fabulous jewel in the world. The actress playing her can't act but has a great bouffant.
Clouseau hot on the trail of the Phantom checks into the hotel with his wife, who he thinks bought a mink coat by saving out of the housekeeping money.
She also arranged to have a room with a connecting door to Sir Charles' suite. It was supposed to be David Niven's movie, but Peter Sellers steals the show and as a result he finally became very famous in America.
Not only is this dress tailored to her shape but you can tell just by looking at how it moves that it cost more than what any of us have spend on clothes in the past year and it will last for ten years without showing much wear. Yay for quality over quantity.
Naturally the Phantom already has his sights set on his next caper, but he has to find out where it is.
If only he could get her alone.
Meanwhile at the hotel bar, the Clouseaus' meet Robert Wagner, who's Sir Charles' nephew George, who's been in America for years, until the loan sharks caught up with him.
Meanwhile, Sir Charles has invited the Princess back to his room, where he introduces her to champagne and his pet tiger, until she passes out.
So the next morning, the matter of what to do about George is discussed, as well as the heist.
Isn't this a great back. It looks like a completely different dress.
Meanwhile, George has decided to start on the Princess.
But uncle and aunt don't like that, since George doesn't know what the family business is and might upset the plans.
The only thing I like about the idea of skiing is the apr├Ęs-ski outfit. And also zippers on the backs of sweaters and turtlenecks should definitely be brought back. They do wonders for maintaining one's hairstyle when dressing in the morning.
Which outfit do you prefer? The Princess or Mme. Clouseau?
I like this one better. It looks much more comfortable than raw silk with coral applique and the black and white draws the attention up to the face, rather than competing with the face.
I really like the nightwear in the film, everything's so pretty and there are a lot of bedrooms scenes, which are the funniest parts of the film. You know, with lights going on and off, phones ringing, getting blankets,
people hiding under the bed,
or in the linen cupboard.
And then the violin is taken out. Because sooner or later someone brings a musical instrument to bed.
Anyway, George has found out how Sir Charles makes his money.
And so has Inspector Clouseau. But they decide to go ahead with the robbery anyway.
The diamond is in the Princess' house in Rome and she's having a costume party.
And you know that as soon as a pantomime animal shows up, all hell will break lose.
So while Capucine is seriously rocking the matador costume (I now want one to wear to costume parties that no one ever throws anymore, it's such a great hat)
Sir Charles and George are upstairs playing with the safe, until they are almost caught.
Which leads to one of the most brilliant car chases ever.
If they ever get out, it's nice to know that Sir Charles can pass on the family business.
So Capucine and her deceptively plain suit goes to talk to the Princess to decide on a plan.
I don't think she's a pink person.
And the only person who can execute the plan is naturally John Le Mesurier.
Remember when you had to look your best in court and wear a hat and gloves on formal occasions?


Ivy Black said...

Hurrah!!One of my all time favourites, everyone in it is class especially Capucine.

Millie Motts said...

I always thought A Shot in the Dark was my favorite Sellars movie. But then I went back and watched TPP again...what a riot.