Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {The Women}

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One of the best, if not the best, films showing off Thirties fashion is 1939's The Women. It's fantastic and the best divorce comedy ever. Hats, sling backs, penthouses and slightly surreal fashions abound. It also has the best cat fight ever! If you haven't seen it already (and you have to excuse not to have seen it) the plot is very simple: good hearted Norma Shearer (in her last major role) learns that her husband is having an affair with gold digger Joan Crawford, listens to her bitchy friends and goes off to Reno to unhappily get divorced.
The great Anita Loos adapted the script from Claire Boothe Luce's smash hit play. Rounding off the cast are Paulette Goddard, Marjorie Main (reprising her Broadway role) and young Joan Fontaine (who's still alive, along with her sister Olivia. I wonder if they still talk to each other). The gorgeous fashions are by Adrian, including the ten minute colour fashion show at the half way mark. What is notable about the film is that throughout the almost two and a half hour runtime (I never realized how long it was until I started capping it) not a single male appears as all of the 135 speaking roles and including the pets, are played by women -just like the original play. It was even directed by George Cukor, famous for being a "women's director" (you can guess why).
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However, the best part of the movie is Rosalind Russell as the bitchy, petty and gossipy Sylvia! She completely steals every scene she's in. I just love everything that she's in, and this is the film that made her into the comedienne that we all love.
And also, how awesome is that blouse!
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"Our new one piece lace foundation garment. Zips up the back and no bones."
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"Jungle Red!"
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That's Hedda Hopper and her hat, playing herself.
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The Women has been (unfortunately) remade twice, neither of which have Rosalind Russell or Marjorie Main. It is available on Region 1 and out of print in Region 2, I don't know about Region 4. It is not available (at the moment) as a reliable torrent.