Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Pleasantville}

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Once upon a time, there were two teenagers from 1998 named Jennifer and David. One night they were fighting over the remote and broke it.
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And then the doorbell rang and a creepy television repairman (Don Knots) stood there and he gave the two teens a magic remote. And the fight over the remote resumed until a flash of lighting and a clap of thunder sounded.
Picture 13
And the two teens found themselves in David's favourite TV show: Pleasantville, were it's always 1958, always sunny, always black & white and everything always stays the same. Where Dad comes home to his martini at 6 o'clock everyday, all roads lead to Main Street, nothing ever burns, there's no rain, there's no world outside of Pleasantville, books are blank and the worst thing that could happen is that your cat gets stuck in a tree.
(I'm assuming that most of you have already seen Pleasantville and know what happens next. For those who haven't seen it, you're missing out on a swell picture!)
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And then colours start to appear.
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Pretty soon people are changing colour, the books are filling themselves in, people are starting to think and change, Gene Vincent is coming out of the jukebox and there's a queue to get into the library.
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Picture 347
I want that skirt with the elephants!
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"What are we going to do Bob?"
"Well, we're safe for the moment. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley"
Remember that kids. Be it fire, flood, earthquake or zombie uprising, just head on down to your nearest bowling alley, you'll be safe there.
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Franca said...

I love this film! want to see it again now!

Miss Lemon said...

I've never heard of this film. I'll have to check it out. Great regular feature x

Ivy Black said...

I adore this film. It's just beautifully done and acted.
One of my faves..xxx