Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {What's Up Doc?}

Picture 2
This is Peter Bogdanovich's 1972 homage to Screwballs, specifically Bringing Up Baby. If you haven't seen Bringing Up Baby then there is something wrong with you and you simply must go and watch it now before continuing to read this post.
Picture 5
Actually there are four identical plaid cases.
Picture 9
Case #1 has some stolen classified government documents in it. He is naturally being followed by a man from the government.
Picture 31
Case #2 is owned by this fabulous lady in leopard shorts. I'd wear them, would you?
Picture 35

Picture 127
She is being followed by two criminals, who are moonlighting as hotel employees. Or is it the other way round?
Picture 30
Ryan O'Neal has the third case. He plays Howard, a nebbishy musicologist who carries prehistoric rocks in his case. Madeline Kahn, in her first movie role, plays Howard's domineering fiancée Eunice Burns. Miss Kahn is so fantastically funny at playing someone so repulsive.
Picture 43
Barbra Streisand has case #4. She plays Judy, the dizzy dame with a high IQ.
Picture 92
By an act of sheer plot device, all four cases are staying in this hallway in the same San Francisco hotel.
Picture 47
Howard and Judy meet in the hotel drug store. She calls him Steve and doesn't think he should marry a person named Eunice and decides to follow him since no one else is.
Picture 54
"Oh you've torn your coat"
Picture 65
Howard is in San Francisco to attend a convention and because he is in the running for the Larrabee Foundation grant.
Picture 73
Kenneth Mars (you'll recognize him when you hear him) plays Hugh Simon, Howard's rival for the grant.
Picture 164
Check out his cool hotel room.
Picture 72
Meanwhile, back upstairs the cases are being switched around.
Picture 87
Guess who Howard finds talking to Mr. Larrabee and being called Burnsie. It's not Eunice Burns, but she is securing the grant for Howard.
Picture 95
But it does cause a slight problem when Eunice does show up at the banquet.
Picture 112
Which may explain why they're all under the table. Actually they're just good friends.
Picture 165
After the banquet, Howard and Eunice have a fight as Steve tries to keep Judy from being found in his room.
Picture 131
By this time you'll have lost track of which case is which.
Picture 190
I'm not going to explain this shot, since it's the funniest scene in the film.
Picture 202
The picture of Seventies California Cool. She's going to sing. You can fast forward if you like.
Picture 213
By this time, the fact that the cases have been switched is discovered, but not by Steve and Judy.
Picture 217
Howard has won the grant and is going to lunch at Mr. Larrabee's house and is taking Judy to explain that she's not Burnsie and Eunice to explain that she's Burnsie Miss Burns. Judy calls Eunice and gives her the wrong address.
Picture 237

Picture 249

Picture 259
During lunch Howard and Judy discover that their cases have been switched.
Picture 266
And then the gangsters and the classified documents men show up with guns and then the fight starts.
Picture 273
Whenever possible, always attack people with Post-Modern sculptures.
Picture 276
Granny's got a gun! How awesome would it be to have her as your grandmother!
Picture 290
Because this is San Francisco, there has to be a car chase scene, especially when Judy and Steve are using a delivery bicycle as a getaway car.
Picture 320
Cool shot! They don't run into the fruit stand, just a parade in Chinatown.
Picture 357
And then everyone drives into the Bay.
Picture 383
That poor judge! Having to make sense out of a Screwball plot. You'd take little yellow and blue pills too.

I'm not allowed to embed the trailer, so click here to watch it.


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