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Cinema Tuesdays {You Can't Take It With You}

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This is Frank Capra's adaptation of Kaufman and Hart's Pulitzer Prize winning 1936 play. It won Best Picture in 1938, one of the few comedies to ever win Best Picture. It's also one of the most delightful movies ever with an absolutely wonderful message.
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Edward Arnold plays Anthony P. Kirby, the big tycoon banker of Wall Street. Naturally, because he's a big tycoon, he suffers from indigestion.
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Lionel Barrymore plays Grandpa Vanderhof, who could have been a rich man thirty years ago, but he wasn't having any fun at business and wasn't enjoying life, so he quit. Now he collects stamps, goes to the zoo, plays the harmonica and throws darts. This is the last movie Lionel Barrymore made before he needed to use a wheelchair, which is why he's on crutches.
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Tony Kirby is unhappy at being a vice president in Daddy's company, but he loves his secretary Alice Sycamore, who's the only "normal" member of Grandpa's family. I love Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur together, they're so adorable and really work well together.
If you haven't seen the movie (and I'd be shocked if you haven't) I'm not going to summarize the movie like I normally do, since to do that would ruin Capra's message. Instead I'll just include some random shots. If you have seen the movie before, enjoy the caps then go watch it again or just do the Big Apple.
Picture 39

Picture 52
That's the character actor H. B. Warner playing Ol' Twitch Face. Almost everyone in this movie has been in other Frank Capra movies as well. Warner was also in Mr. Deeds and It's A Wonderful Life.
Picture 63
Spring Byington playing Penny Sycamore, her hobby is writing plays and using a kitten as a paper weight.
Picture 73

Picture 78
Yes, Ann Miller really was fifteen when she played Essie and she wore pointe shoes throughout the movie, which must have been tough.
Picture 145

Picture 120

Picture 189

Picture 196

Picture 249

Picture 282

Picture 339
That's the only full length shot I could get of Jean Arthur's gown.
Picture 385
Remember when kids used to go out into the park and play instead of sitting at home all day playing video games?
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Picture 452

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Picture 464

Picture 519

Picture 606
Mischa Auer as Kolenkhov the White Russian ballet teacher.
Picture 589
I love her suspenders!
Picture 528
If there was one movie family that I would want to live with, it would be the Sycamores and their philosophy of not doing anything that you wouldn't enjoy doing. Besides, all of the really interesting people have to be at least slightly eccentric.
Picture 618

Picture 552

Picture 562

Picture 646

Picture 728
Look, a fur wrap with a bow in the back!
Picture 796
"You're an idiot Mr. Kirby" is a terrific speech, but I couldn't find a clip of it.
Picture 812
I had no idea anyone could have that many friends. Of course, this was back when cities had neighbourhoods and everyone knew everyone and there were small shops on the street and around the corner. I blame the suburbs and supermarkets.
Picture 828
I also had no idea that anyone needed that many lawyers for a misdemeanour
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You Can't Take It With You is on DVD (both individually and as part of various Frank Capra collections) in Regions 1, 2 and I think 4. It will also be on TCM next month and at the moment is on YouTube in 12 parts.
This is the famous income tax scene:

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