Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cinema Tuesdays {Damn Yankees}

Picture 88
This 1958 adaptation of the smash hit Broadway show not only retained the cast, but also the writer/director George Abbott (co-directed the film with Stanley Donen) and the original choreography by young Bob Fosse!
Damn Yankees is a modern day retelling of Faust, but with baseball and a happy ending, because you can't exactly have a Fifties musical with the Boy being sent to Hell, can you?
Picture 90

Picture 86
This is Joe, a middle-aged, married, former high school athlete and die-hard Washington Senators fan. After one terrible game where the Yankees clobbered the Senators, Joe utters those fateful words: "I'd sell my soul for one long ball hitter"
Picture 91

Picture 106

Picture 101
Look at who appeared in a puff of smoke after hearing those words. It's Mr. Applegate! Guess who he is?
Mr. Applegate offers Joe the chance not only to turn back into a fit 22 year old athlete, but the greatest baseball player ever and play for his beloved team! For a small fee, of course.
If anyone offers you a deal that's too good to be true, check his socks. If he's wearing red socks, think twice about it.
Picture 113
Joe agrees, but only after adding in an unprecedented escape clause, since Joe doesn't want to totally abandon his wife. Mr. Applegate agrees, but only because it's a very stressful time in his line of work, with the elections coming up, you know.
Picture 119
With a wave of his hands and a gleeful grin, Mr. Applegate turns Joe into Tab Hunter (the only member of the cast not to have been in the Broadway show).
Picture 128
"Just let the boy hit a few"
Picture 131

Picture 141
Check out the massive handbag the lady reporter is carrying!
Picture 170

Picture 150
Joe's a baseball hero and he drags the Senators out of their losing slump. Cue baseball players dancing Fosse style. So cool.
Picture 175

Picture 184
Joe misses his wife, so he turns up and asks to rent a room.
Picture 192
Her friends think it's a great idea to rent a room to a complete stranger. What could go wrong?
It's a 1950's musical set in a small town, nothing goes wrong and all strangers are friendly and safe.
Picture 203
Mr. Applegate doesn't like this. Wives and homes are bad for his business.
Picture 213
So he calls up Lola, the best homewrecker on his staff.
Gwen Verdon is just incredible in this film! I wish she had stared in more movies, but she did with her second Tony for playing Lola.
Picture 222
Mr. Applegate also has to deal with that nosy lady reporter.
Picture 232
And that pesky escape clause is really coming back to bite him.
Picture 249
Have you ever seen this number and wondered why she pauses at certain points? That's because on the stage, Gwen Verdon did some amazing and suggestive bumps and grinds, but you can't do that in a Code picture, so she pauses instead and you can use your imagination.
Picture 258

Picture 265

Picture 267
Lola tries her best to vamp it for Joe
Picture 278
But Joe just isn't going for it. He'd rather go home to his wife
Picture 284
Not even Lola's strip routine can change his mind, but it does cause Lola to rethink her life's work.
Picture 303
Poor Mr. Applegate! Things just aren't what they used to be and way less gory.
Picture 326
Lola tries a new approach as the honest fan club member.
Picture 330
Meanwhile, with the date of the escape clause looming, Mr. Applegate mentions something to the lady reporter.
Picture 333
This is the only time in which Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon (who married in 1960) danced together on screen. You can see both of them here demonstrating the choreography process for the "Whatever Lola Wants" number.
Picture 339
Meanwhile, Mr. Applegate questions Lola's commitment to her job.
I would totally wear that sweater, would you?
Picture 347

Picture 406

Picture 359

Picture 408

Picture 363
So, does Mr. Applegate win Joe's soul?
Picture 398
Or does Lola double cross him?

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