Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {Two For The Road}

Picture 8

I'm sure you've all seen this 1967 movie by now. Just to refresh your memory of the plot, it is the non-linear tale of Mark and Joanna's relationship from their meeting to near-divorce as they make the same journey to the south of France. I've organized the screencaps chronologically to show the evolution of AH's wardrobe by Givenchy.

Picture 22

Picture 36

Picture 48

Picture 86

I think this is the cutest scene in the movie.

Picture 92

What I really like is that aside from the changing fashions, AH's eye makeup and Albert Finney's hair being fluffier in the Fifties, no attempt was made to alter the age of the stars.

Picture 174


Picture 107

Picture 61

I love Eleanor Bron! She and Howie perfect as the couple you'd hate to be stuck in the car with and they both oblivious to the fact that they've turned Ruthie into a spoiled brat.
Picture 120

Picture 141

Picture 153

Early Sixties

Picture 167

Picture 33

Picture 127

Picture 183

Picture 197

Flowered bathing caps are always in style. I think this is the only movie where you see AH in a swimsuit.

Picture 201

If I ever become rich, I'm going to get a pool, just so that I can get a statue where my butler can plug the phone in.

Picture 205

One of the great things about this movie is that it's avant-garde meets mainstream. So you get to see really cool shots like this along with jump-cuts and other New Wave tricks, but it's in a major movie with two big stars. Hollywood was changing, baby.

Picture 207

Picture 226

Picture 242

Picture 250

Picture 255

Picture 262

Picture 303

Picture 277

1967 Perhaps some of AH's coolest outfits ever!

Picture 10

Picture 80

No one else could pull off all-pleather

Picture 100

Picture 133

"What kind of people just sit in a restaurant and don't say one word to each other?"
"Married people"

Picture 190

Picture 312

Picture 317

Picture 325

Picture 344
Sunken living rooms are cool, but I really want that phone.
Picture 348

Picture 377

Here's the trailer:

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