Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pete the Madman

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I feel bad about missing last week's Cinema Tuesdays. I had screen capped Pierrot le Fou but I just didn't have time to edit, upload, copy and paste and post. So, here it is a bit belated.
Jean-Paul Belmondo is bored with his married life and socializing with people who speak in ads. He runs into Anna Karina, his old love who is currently on the run from some Algerian hit men and they decide to travel down from Paris to Nice, with only Anna Karina's dog-shaped make up bag for company, their story shifts between novels by Raymond Chandler, Fitzgerald and Daniel Defoe. Since it's by Godard, the film is about life in Technicolor. Or is an autobiographical tale about the break-up of the Godard-Karina marriage? Or is it just a French version of Bonnie and Clyde? Or do you just want to see a movie with Anna Karina and J-P Belmondo and Godard's brilliant use of colours and jump cuts? I thought so.
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Uncle Sam's Nephew vs. Uncle Ho's Niece.

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I really, really want this dress!

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I checked, Miss Seberg's cameo is not from Breathless.

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