Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cinema Tuesdays {The Lady Eve}

Picture 5
Reasons for you to watch this movie:
1. Preston Sturges wrote it
2. Barbara Stanwyck and her fabulous early Forties wardrobe
3. Preston Sturges directed it
4. Henry Fonda has excellent comedic timing
5. Did I mention that it's a Preston Sturges film
Picture 9
Henry Fonda plays Charles. Charles is the heir to Pike's pale ale and is thus very, very, very, very rich. Charles hates beer and is into snakes, which is why he's returning to civilization after a year up the Amazon.
Picture 10
Everyone on the ship gathers to watch him board, particularly if they have unmarried daughters.
Picture 19
Barbara Stanwyck plays Jean and Charles Coburn is her father, Harry. They're con artists and card sharps.
Picture 22
Don't you hate it when you're reading a book, minding your own business and you look up to find everyone around you acting out one of the ads for your family's business? I know I do.
Picture 24

Picture 29
I love that bow necklace. The mirror scene is the perfect example of why Barbara Stanwyck was so brilliant on the screen.
Picture 406
How to trap an eligible millionaire: Trip him in such a way as to break your heel and will have to escort you home to change.
Picture 40
I love the half sweater and full skirt combination that was popular during the war. Why didn't this look stick around?
Picture 55
The best scene in the picture!
Picture 61
The problem that Jean faces is that Charles is in love with her, but Harry still wants to fleece him. What makes it worse is that Jean is in love with him too.
Picture 66

Picture 74
So, all she has to do is to keep Charles away from her father until he proposes. Which he does.
Picture 83
The only problem is that someone shows Charles a photograph from the file labeled Known Card Sharps.
Picture 84

Picture 107
Poor Jean. Crying in such a nice casual outfit.
Picture 115
In this scene where Jean swears to take revenge, you can see bits of the old Pre-Code Barbara Stanwyck come out.
Picture 122
If I ever get to go to the Ascot, I want to wear that outfit.
Picture 132
At the races, Jean runs into Eric Blore who's playing a con man who's decided to park himself among the rich in Connecticut for the duration of the war under the name Sir Alfred McGlennan Keith. Guess who his neighbours are?
Picture 161
So, she becomes his niece, the Lady Eve Sidwich.
Picture 170

Picture 173

Picture 176
"Positively the same dame"
Picture 408
Charles, however, thinks the look too much alike to be the same and he falls for her all over again.
Picture 247
So, what's Jean's plan? Well, about two weeks from now, they'll be riding in the woods and they'll stop to gaze at the sunset. All alone, just Eve, Charles and Horse. Then he'll propose, which the exact same line that he gave to Jean.
Picture 267

Picture 299

Picture 339
Boy that's a great snood. I want a snood.
Anyway, what's Jean's plan and who's Angus?
Oh, and while your watching the film, look out for all of the references to the war (released in 1941 before the Americans decided to join in) that Preston Sturges makes without directly mentioning the war.
Picture 355

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barncat said...

I think this was on TCM recently wasn't it? I missed it, but I bet they do show it again soon. ;)

In your last post you talked about DVD/VCR players, our DVD player will not die, and it is not a recorder, so I'm still taping everything on the old VCR. They take up so much room, but I can't stop myself! When our movie rental place stopped renting tapes they sold all their stock for 50 cents each, I still haven't got through everything I purchased. :)