Monday, January 4, 2010

Out by the Bog

One of the great things about living near a bog is that the day after it rains, every colour seems to be brighter and richer and stands out more on film. Which is why yesterday instead of preparing for the new term, I walked down there with my Dad's camera.
What I like most about the bog is that one can walk around, surrounded by the beauty of nature, but on a wooden platform so that one's shoes don't get muddy.

I also took with me two of the little porcelain houses that my Auntie gave me and my little antique Dutch shoes.

The rest of the photos are in this Flickr set.


Megan said...

These are BEAUTIFUL photos! I especially love that last one!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such immensely gorgeous, radiantly verdant images. The setting here makes me pine for (my beloved) B.C. and calls to mind fond memories of playing in intensely green forests near my grandparent's old house in PoCo.

They're also a lovely reminder that not all of the world is entrenched in a fortress of snow, which is much needed during these bleak January days.

Tons of hugs, honey!
♥ Jessica