Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Tie a Scarf #1

In case you hadn't noticed by now, I love scarves! At the moment I have 46 vintage ones. I started collecting scarves because one of my favourite vintage stores has a gigantic bin of 2 for $4.99 scarves, which is the only thing I can afford to buy every time that I go in to look around and don't want to leave without buying anything.
I'm starting a campaign to bring scarves back- they're pretty, practical and cheap. A scarf can add pizazz to any outfit, whether it be carefully selected and ironed the night before, or whatever one grabs off the floor in the morning while running late. Scarves are also the most versatile of accessories due to various ways you can tie them. Which is why I'm introducing a new blog series which will run every fortnight.
The above picture is how I tie my scarf the vast majority of the days when I wear a scarf.
  1. Lay a medium-sized square scarf out flat.
  2. Loosely gather and pick up the scarf lengthways.
  3. Hold one end of the scarf securely while taking the other end of the scarf and giving it a couple of loose twists.
  4. Holding the ends carefully, place the scarf around your neck and off to one side.
  5. Secure with scarf clip and fluff the ends of the scarf.
I find that scarf clips are far superior then tying the scarf with a knot, as knots produce crinkly fabric after the knot has been untied and they produce unwanted strain upon the delicate fabric. Scarf clips tend to be hard to find in brick and mortar stores, (I bought mine from the lovely penorus) so here are three of my favourites currently available from Etsy:

Beaded Filigree Clip $5.50 from ForeverClassique
If I had money right now, then I would buy this one (who doesn't love a cute bow?) $5.00 from KellysVintageGoods
Gold Crown clip $8.00 from VermontJewelry

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imp said...

Perhaps a strange comment--perhaps not, given the title of your blog, though you are not at all froggy in appearance--

You have fabulous eyebrows! They're adorable. And your hair is great, too.

Love the blog!