Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Outfit

Like the vast majority of people, I've rarely kept my New Year's resolutions. I think that I've only ever kept one, which was to stop wearing jeans. Jeans are stylistically boring and never fit both the waist and the hips (for me at least). That was three years ago and I haven't worn them since, only because I donated all my jeans to charity and can't be bothered/afford to buy new ones. Nevertheless, I have made a few resolutions this year and shall try to keep them.
  • Improve the blog. Blogging looks easy but I've found in the past 2.5 months that it's really hard to come up with a few interesting post a week. But I am open to suggestions.
  • Comment more on all of the lovely blogs that I read.
  • Take more pictures. Get a camera that doesn't hates me and takes blurry photos, then take more pictures.
  • Finish my expensive degree
  • Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life
  • Not to build up an army of minions and take over the world
I wanted to wear one of my new pairs of bright tights and to also wear black in mourning for the Tenth Doctor (my second favourite Doctor) and so I came up with a rather mod-ish outfit.
Sweater: thrifted
Skirt: vintage
Belt: vintage
Necklace: restrung vintage beads
Earrings: vintage
Tights: H&M
Shoes: The Bay


Jessica Cangiano said...

Sweet dear, I wish you the most steadfast of success in achieving each of your dreams and goals, and hope the coming year is one of incredible happiness for you!

Massive hugs & wishes of joy,
♥ Jessica

Emily said...

Sweet look. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I must say that I love how well put together and colorful your outfits are.