Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ever since I heard that Pushing Daisies was going to be cancelled, I've been in a no-more-vintage-fashion-inspiration-from-a-weekly-television-show vacuum. What got me started onPushing Daisies, aside from having watched Dead Like Me when it was on, was that I saw the publicity photos and how they were full of vintage and vintage-inspired fashions, almost no modern features and the general feeling and look of brightly-coloured wonderfulness. It was upon the announcement and hiatus of the series that I started watching Mad Men, which does have everyday vintage inspiration and sets. However, I have been having issues with some of the story lines and critiques of a time before there was PC.
The only other (currently being made) American shows that I watch are Bones and 30 Rock, which are funny but not a lot of vintage aesthetics to look at. And the only Canadian shows that I watch are the same political satires that I've been watching since I was five. I do watch a number of BBC shows (and by watch, I mean torrent them because the BBC have refused my offer to pay the license fee so that I may watch the iPlayer) but the only vintage related ones are usually the odd mini-series and Poirot (whenever they decide to show a new one). However, I do like the brightly coloured jackets, shirts and ties that Stephen Fry wears on QI (the best show currently on television).
Then along came Glee. More specifically Emma Pillsbury, the germaphobic guidance counselor. I didn't watch Glee when it first came out because I didn't really want to get into a show about the soap opera-ish story lines of high school students who can all sing like they're on Broadway. But then I saw some pictures from it and wanted to see more of Emma's retro outfits. So I watch all 13 episodes from the fall in a row and I wasn't disappointed. With her brightly coloured cardigans, monochrome outfits, multi-coloured shoes, bows, plastic necklaces, flower brooches and sweater guards, Emma Pillsbury is one of the best dressed characters currently on television. I may have only recognized five of the songs used, but I can't wait until Glee is back on the air in April. Until then, I urge you to watch the 13 episodes, either from the repeats, DVD or download them (either legally or not, I don't judge) because Emma's style and Jane Lynch as the crazy cheerleading coach make the show worth it to sit through the addicting melodramatic story lines and popular songs.
Here are some of my favourite outfits:

Does anyone in the States know if this cardigan can actually be bought in a store?

Remember to keep an eye out for her accessories. Just look at the cute owls on this sweater guard.

There are already two blogs devoted to her style, in case you want some further reading.


Danielle said...

You have great style! Love your blog! Thanks for reading mine! :)

Ivy Black said...

Pop along to my latest posting as I've given you an award for being so fabulous.

Cammila said...

You know, my dearest friend (who is a guy -- and a VERY doesn't-care-about-clothes kind of guy) kept going on and on about how amazing the colors are in Glee's art direction. So he finally got me to watch it and I was blown away -- SO MUCH of that vibrant effect comes from the costumes. :)

Miss_Tami_Lee said...

A fellow glee enthusiast! Oh how I love that show

Zel said...

That blue sweater she wore was from anthropologie but it looks like it sold out. i found this blog: and they did a great job on Emma's costume whereabouts. i miss watching Glee.. can't wait for it to come back in April.

Eliza said...

I love Glee!
She's so gorgeous too

love, Elizaaa