Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Outfit

29 Nov 10

Remember way back in June when I posted on Ask Any Girl and I said that this sweater would be a brilliant DIY project?
Ta Da!
My sewing and notions store finally put out some new stock after Hallowe'en was over (it's their biggest time since they sell cheap costumes and the like) and they finally got in a huge supply of pom poms. I didn't want to use ones that were as big as the ones in the film, but I think the medium sized ones look pretty awesome. I got the sweater in the summer, it used to look like this, and I just sewed on the pom poms by hand while watching Study in Pink. Do let me know if anyone of you try it.

This week we've been having the normal Vancouver winter of +5 and rain, however last week it was freezing and there was a huge dump of snow. I couldn't even get to my classes one day since the bus got stuck and then the University texted me that classes were being cancelled since the buses were getting stuck. I came home to find that my cat had gotten bored of staring out the cat door and blaming me for the snow and had decided to go on a three day cat nip bender. He's now sobered up and is back to attacking my ankles because I wont make the rain stop. As much as I like snow and wearing fur coats, I do sometimes long for the spring to come and I can stop wearing boots and watch the cherry blossoms bloom. Then I remember that summer usually follows spring and I hate summer. But the thought of warmer weather did remind me of a song which is about one of my favourite springtime activities.

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Franca said...

If i can source some pom poms i will totally try this!

we are stuck in snow here in scotland as well, the whole transport system has broken down!