Monday, November 1, 2010

Daily Outfit


Yet another vintage skirt that I bought in the warmer months (actually, it's still pretty warm here, I've only been wearing my new light fur coat that I haven't photographed yet) and completely forgot about until now. It's a lovely skirt, but the elastic is totally shot and instead of replacing it, I'm just going to wear wide belts to hold it up/disguise the waist.

Last month, the public library was selling off their old VHS collection after discontinuing it in the summer. Naturally, I was there, along with a dozen other people pouring and fighting over titles whilst glaring at those who wandered in, marvelled at the low prices (5 for $2) and then remembered that they don't own VCRs anymore. I manage to walk away with a box of 30 before I realized that I had forgotten to bring my wheelie shopping cart with me and had to lug the blasted box up a hill in the crowded downtown and then on the train and bus home. Sometimes not knowing how to drive kinda sucks.
I'm going to miss being able to borrow videos, since my VCR still works perfectly well and in the time since I got it, I've had two (albeit very cheap) DVD players go bust. So now, if I want to watch a DVD in my room, I have to huddle over my small MacBook with the cat/overlord lying on the warm keyboard. For the many benefits to your viewing pleasure that DVDs bring (entire TV shows available and the end to watching pan-and-scan movies) I do prefer having a VCR, as it makes it so much easier to fast forward through the warnings and to tape movies off of TCM for free, instead of buying the DVDs. And although I learned how to program a VCR when I was 7, I cannot figure out how to record something with the DVD recorder. Then again, I don't know how to access the voice mail on my portable telephone, but I've mastered french knots. And also, some DVDs wont work if you get scratched on them, or borrow a well-worn DVD.
So, which to you ultimately prefer: DVD or VHS?

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And I've decided that November's (is it really November?) movie theme will be Screwballs. C'mon, who doesn't love a screwball? And since I've already screen capped a screwball this year, the last Tuesday of the month will be a modern homage movie to the Screwball.

This is a clip from one of the films that I "rescued" and isn't available on DVD (neither is this one or this one). A lot of Eddie Cantor's films aren't on DVD, I wonder why that is. In addition to being two-strip Technicolor and the only movie that Mr. Ziegfeld personally supervised, Whoopee is also one of the naughtiest Pre-Code films you can see.

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