Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Outfit

24 Nov 10

My friends, for years I have been searching high and low for an authentic felt circle skirt sans poodles and yea verily, my quest is at an end. Behold: the Ob-La-Di Skirt.
Yes, I do occasionally name my clothes, if they deserve a name.
A few days before Hallowe'en, I was Deluxe Junk (my favourite vintage store here) just browsing, having my coat admired by the owner and discussing why Harold and Maude is such a wonderfully uplifting film with the guy who works there. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted two felt circle skirts in between the shirt and beaded sweater sections. Both were handmade and from the Fifties and in good condition! The other one had a poodle on it, so I left it on the rack. I don't know about you, but when you wear vintage everyday, you try to look like this is normal for you (because it is) and not like you're trying too hard and wearing a poodle skirt does seem a bit like a Hallowe'en costume. So anyway, I tried on the one with the vinyl and music notes (which is in mint condition) and it fit perfectly and was only $25! I then had to lug around a giant shopping bag with me the rest of the day as I went on my other shopping exertions and to see the new Woody Allen film. On the plus side, it's felt and quite warm when paired with my only (2-layer) crinoline. Why are crinolines so expensive? Wearing layers and my fur coat kept me warm and toasty today, since Vancouver is actually getting the traditional Canadian winter this year and my university is on top of a mountain, so with the wind chill and snow it was -10℃ today.

This is a clip from the only filmed performance of the Summit (what Frank, Dean and Sammy called the group, since the original Rat Pack ended when Bogart died). You can watch the entire concert (once thought to be lost) on this CD, but it's just Frank, Dean and Sammy doing their (toned down) thing. Johnny Carson subbed for a sick Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford had already been kicked out when JFK started to crack down on Frank's friends. This is the brilliant Sammy Davis Jr doing his impressions from a time when you could smoke indoors, didn't need a fancy set and performers could sing live and had talent.


Franca said...

It is so beautiful!!!!

*Katia* said...

super cute! love it!

Andi B. Goode said...

Ooh, it's so cute! I love it. =D It really suits you.
-Andi x