Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Outfit

28 Mar
Sweater: vintage
Skirt: vintage
Belt: thrifted
Stockings: WKD
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
This is my last outfit post with my blue door.

This past month has been rather hectic for me and so I haven't been around much and this blog has been on autopilot, but I'm back now.
At the end of February, our landlord told us that she was going to sell the house we've (I still live at home, because Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada) been living in for the past ten years and would we please move out in thirty days. So, instead of using my new degree to look for a non retail job, or at least figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, I've had to pack up everything when I wasn't working. I tried to work on my blog in between packing boxes, but my cat objected to my packing his room and preferred that I be in a state of sleep deprivation, so I'm left with half finished drafts and scribbles of paper with ideas for posts and four Cinema Tuesdays posts in a row.
We finally moved on Friday to an old house in a one of the few neighbourhoods that I've never explored. I was shocked to discover this weekend that after not being connected to the internet for three days, the minority government in Ottawa had finally fallen over the new budget and a national election had been declared. I will explain this to any American readers who ask.
I now live in a hundred year old attic, which is lovely, only the slanted walls prevent me from setting up any tall Ikea bookcases with my eighteen boxes of books. But I do have room to set up my 1940's sewing machine in my room instead of in the narrow hallway like it was in my old place. I also don't have enough closet space for my clothes (of which I have not bought any in two and a half months), so I will be accepting any offers on some of my clothes in addition to listing some pieces on Etsy, when I have the chance. Does anyone have any recommendations on which clothes racks are the best and most inexpensive?
In order to pay for a trip to Ikea, I will be having a month long sale in my shop of 25% off all wall art and clothes starting tomorrow.
Any suggestions on what kind of posts you would like to read next?

I love Victor Borge! He's just so brilliant! You may have seen him on your local PBS station during the pledge drives. This is his Phonetic Punctuation piece, which is wonderfully hilarious:


AK said...

You have such a great blog.

Lucy Nation said...

Sounds like an interesting new home you're living in. Would be good to see some interior shots when you've got yourself all sorted out :)