Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Outfit and an Announcement

21 Jan 11

Remember this sweater that I made a couple months ago that was inspired by this movie?
Well, I made another one and this time I added pom pom bracelets around the edge of the cuff ribbing. Yay!
And now for a few announcements.
First: This month's theme for Cinema Tuesdays will be comedies about the Suburbs. And by Suburbs, I mean the post war housing developments populated by nuclear two car families, "Honey, I'm home", secrets, newfangled washing machines, bright colours, bored housewives, kids playing outside, zombies and Doris Day.
I think that the Suburbs theme will nicely compliment the theme I have in mind for March also.
Second: I've finally realized that I have completely run out of room in my closet. I've known that I would run out of room for a couple of months now and my temporary solution of just buying more hangers wont work anymore. So, I've decided to not buy any clothes this month and to assess by wardrobe and to sell the clothes that I don't need/wear that much on Etsy. It also helps that I spent nearly all of January's clothing budget buying up all of the illegal light bulbs I could carry on the bus.
That's a sentence I never thought that I would write.
It will be hard to go thrifting and into vintage stores without buying clothes, which is why I'm going to focus on adding to my collection of novelty brooches, which are very hard to find here.
I do have three exceptions to the "no clothes" rule: the perfect yellow cardigan (surprisingly difficult to find), this coat (which I've been looking for since I stopped growing ten years ago) and of course adding to by collection of vintage fur coats for $50 or under.
On the bright side, I've just realized that I haven't bought any new (as in never-been-worn-before) clothes for two and a half years! I'm not doing that for sustainability reasons, I just want to see how long I can keep it up for.
And if you see any clothes of mine that you would like, you are more then welcome to make me an offer.

"Who's On First" by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello is one of the most brilliant sketches ever written. This is the original radio broadcast of it and it's probably the best rendition of it.

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Franca said...

oh no, oh no, oh no! I have no space either but i want all your clothes! and i think we're a similar size too! The thing I want most is the blue skirt with the record on - but i doubt you would get rid of that?