Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Cardigan Goes To Eleven

3 Jan 11

This what I wore on Monday, which was my first day off since 21 Dec (except for Christmas and New Year's Day, which don't count because everyone stays home on those days). I probably shouldn't have picked up all those extra shifts, but hey, vintage is expensive.
I realized while editing the pictures that pink doesn't really photograph well in the winter, especially with the Northern winter light that we get in Canada, so the above photo looks weird but you can figure out what colour it's supposed to be.
Last month, I bought a bunch of awesome buttons from Baymoon Studio and I thought I'd wear two today. Mostly because I like the juxtaposition of pale pink lace paired with Spinal Tap and Hunter S. Thompson references. I can't recommend Baymoon Studio highly enough, the shipping is fast and affordable and there's such a wide selection of buttons. That's for those of you with an interest in buttons.
Speaking of Etsy, I'm having a 20% off sale in mine until early Monday morning in order to make room for some new stuff that I've been working on. So, click on over and enter the coupon code HAPPY2011.
Detail -3 Jan 11

Looking back on 2010, it wasn't such a bad year after all. I survived the Olympics, almost reached 30 sales in my shop, bought a lot of clothing, completed a full calendar year of blogging, and most importantly, I finished all of my university courses. Now all I have to do is wait for my letter telling me that I can graduate with a BA. I even got a Minor in Humanities, which I hadn't been planning on doing, but I realized I had almost gotten it by accident, so I took the few remaining courses to finish it. And finishing my degree with my goal for 2010. Yay for me!
I don't do New Year's resolutions, since they never last past the month anyway. Instead I have goals, which are doable since it's working towards something, not taking something away.
Here are my goals for 2011:
1. There's this intensive journalism program at my old college that I really want to get into for September. I should look into applying for that now, shouldn't I.
2. a)Save up money for travel. b)Travel. If I can't afford to go to Europe (which I desperately want to do), then maybe I could take the train to San Francisco. I will also accept large cash donations made to my PayPal account.
3. Grow out my bangs. As you can see, I've started pinning them back so that my hair resembles it's old style (aren't bobby pins brilliant). But I never should have gotten them cut, it just doesn't suit me as well as my old hairstyle did.
4. Find a vintage mink coat for $75 or under. I say it can be done!

So, what are you're goals for 2011? Or do you have resolutions that you think you can actually keep up with?

This month's theme for Cinema Tuesdays is a quote from this movie, which is one of my two favourite movies ever. Given that everyone is shopped out from last month, I thought the quote "Money Isn't Everything" is important and relevant.
However, there is one Money isn't Everything film which I will not be screen capping, because to do so would ruin the movie. The movie (which is also one of my favourites) is Local Hero from 1983. It really is one of the most wonderful and loveliest of all the films you could ever see in your life.
Here is the trailer:

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