Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Outfit

6 Dec 10

I got this Seventies secretary dress a few weeks ago at a garage sale in a loft. I like finding places to shop that aren't on street level, like second floors and especially basements. Makes it much more interesting, don't you think?

I have just returned from what was (hopefully) my last class as an undergraduate and coincidentally it is also the last unbirthday of my twenty-first year. Although I still have a few papers left to write this week, it is a weird feeling that I wont be in school in January for the first time since I was five.
I have a lot of ideas for new posts, including more Classic Television posts starting on the weekend. I also have a huge list of vintage novels to read and review for my sadly neglected post series. Does anyone have a preference for the kinds of books that you want me to post about? Or any other post suggestions?
Could someone please explain to me what a Facebook Page is and what the point of it is? Is it just like the modern form of the fan club? If I sign up for one, will I get my own Mouseketeer? Because if I don't, then I really don't see the point of have one. I do of course have a Facebook profile, which I've just started to check on a regular basis, so that Facebook will stop sending me emails saying how disappointed they are in me because I'm not logging in every twenty minutes or so, but I still do find Facebook a little bit creepy.
I have on the other hand, just signed up for a Twitter account. At the moment I'm only following my local library, but I will follow all of my favourite bloggers as soon as I've finished my papers later on this week. But you can follow me @frogseyebrows for my irregular twitterings. Maybe someday I'll get the hang of social networking.

Oh, and the theme for Cinema Tuesdays this month will be Four Fashionable British Comedies.

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Franca said...

I am still not on twitter. It scares me a little, to be honest! love your outfit as usual!