Friday, May 21, 2010

Daily Outfit

It's now late spring and you can tell that summer is fast approaching. I would have to say that summer is my least favourite season. I dislike summer for a number of reasons, but mostly it's the heat, the sun beating down and I easily burn, the bugs always buzzing around and biting or stinging, the heat, everyone's always wandering around in flip flops until the end of September, the extreme use of air conditioning in some stores, the high prices of those evil frappucinos, the lack of rain and have I mentioned the heat. What I do like about summer is that is saves wear and tear on tights and nylons, but that does mean that my summer fashion inspiration has been AH in Roman Holiday for many years now and I've built up a summer wardrobe consisting mostly of white shirts and circle skirts. But what I hate/love most about summer is this pair of sandals that I thrifted in the first week of September last year and I've been waiting to wear them. They are handmade by SAS, who make the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear if you can find a pair. It literally feels like walking on pillows. I have flat feet and very weak ankles as it is and I love walking but my feet are very sensitive and hurt throughout the day. But the way that SAS makes their shoes, I have no pain at all and the other day I walked over 6 km without noticing at all. Yesterday I had to wear my well broken-in ballet flats because it was raining and they actually hurt my feet because they had gotten used to wearing these sandals. I now dread autumn when I will have to stop wearing them, because none of their shoes have a low enough vamp that goes well with skirts, they are designed more for wearing pants. Dear SAS, please make a pair of ballet flats, they'll sell like hot cakes.

I don't really like impulse buying and I try to avoid it, but a couple of weeks ago I saw this handmade domino pin in Lazy Susan's (my favourite store in Vancouver) and I had to have it. I love listening to old radio shows and "The Shadow and the voice of murder" is awesome! If you can find some episodes, you'll see what I mean or if you've watched Radio Days where a recording is dramatized in a scene. Why can't we have more radio programmes like this, or really just more radio programmes.

Cardigan: thrifted
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: vintage
Belt: thrifted
Sandals: thrifted SAS
Bow Brooch: vintage
The Shadow pin: Lazy Susan's
hi brooch: I made it and it's in my shop

This is from January 1933:


Franca said...

such an adorable skirt! I wish I had some super-comfy sandals!

Modesty is Pretty said...

so cute, I'm glad to see an outfit post,you always looks amazing. =)