Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Tie a Scarf #5

What's the girl's equivalent of the matching tie and handkerchief?
Why the matching scarf and tights, of course!

1. Select a long, skinny silk scarf in a solid colour that matches your favourite pair of brightly coloured opaque tights -not black, since the effect will be lost.
2. Wear a button down shirt (or blouse) with a collar in a shade of white or cream. This is best since a plain shirt will further draw attention to the scarf.
3. For the girly Marlene Dietrich look: do up the top button, turn up the collar, fold the scarf in half, place around the neck and thread the ends through the scarf and centre it. Tie into a small, fluffy bow tie and turn the collar down. Adjust as necessary.

For the more arty/Girl Guide look: unbutton the first two or three buttons, place scarf under the collar, tie into a large bow just under the first done-up button.

4. Accept compliments on your original awesomeness.

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