Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Outfit

I saw Nine last week. I was disappointed with it. When I saw the trailer, I thought "Fellini and a musical together? That could be awesome" but it wasn't awesome. I got bored halfway through and wanted to turn it off. I don't think that the film makers understood what 8 1/2 was about and that is the struggle to tell a story on celluloid. And the costumes were terrible! They weren't very Italian or early Sixties and Anouk Aimee's glasses were no where to be seen (I've been looking for a new pair of glasses for the past few weeks to no avail, so I've been looking at a lot of pictures of glasses). And Nicole Kidman's face didn't move once, the person playing the town whore was too skinny and Daniel Day-Lewis is no where near as handsome as Marcello Mastroianni was. But Penelope Cruz and Judi Dench were very good, especially Dame Judi's musical number. However, the ending was unwatchable, it didn't make any sense compared to the original ending. If you're looking for an update to the original film, then watch Stardust Memories instead, or if you want some style inspiration then watch 8 1/2, but remember to watch Terry Gilliam's introduction on the Criterion DVD first because he explains the plot better then anyone else. I think I should have watched A Single Man or rewatched Dr. Parnassus instead.
Is everyone else excited for the return of Glee in April? I must have watched the promo dozens of time and by the looks of it and the spoiler photos on WWEPW, it looks like Emma gets some fantastic new outfits that I can't wait to see.

Cardigan: thrifted and I added my vintage button collection to it.
Skirt: vintage
Blouse: thrifted
Belt: Jacob
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


daisymay said...

That cardi is so cute with all the buttons! I love your shoes too! Yay for Glee!

Ivy Black said...

I thought Nine was totally unengaging. I know he's a top thespian and all, but don't really get Daniel Day-Lewis. It's no suprise that all my favourite films are decades old.

Lurve the shoes by the way!