Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last Thursday, just before I went to Portland, I had my graduation ceremony which my university calls Convocation. My uni is on top of a mountain, which is why the ceremony took place six months after my last exams when the weather was nice and not raining. And I didn't trip over my robes like I did when I graduated from high school.
I now have a shiny new Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Humanities to call my own from the top comprehensive university in Canada! And I did not have to get any student loans. Huzzah!
Did you know that all four of my grandparents went to university? I'm always proud and impressed by this fact.
This wasn't the university I thought that I would go to when I graduated from high school five years ago, nor was it the subjects I thought I would get a major and minor in. My focus changed when I went to college and this is the degree that I'm so very happy with.
I should point out to any international readers that in Canada, universities are were you go to get actual degrees and colleges are were you go to get certificates or associate degrees or to transfer into universities. Does that make sense?
I would never have been able to get the math requirement to go to university straight from high school, so I did my first two years at college and then transferred for my third year. I'm glad that I went to college; it was a nice place to transition, I learned how to write a damn good essay and I changed my mind about which uni and major and minor I wanted because I had such good professors there.
This past spring, I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to do with my life now that I've finished university. I want a job that I love to do and that will allow me to wear whatever I want to. If I wanted a job that I could make a ton of money at, I would not that done a degree in English and Humanities. I have since come to the realization a few weeks ago that I have been genetically programmed to teach. I've always thought that I was born to be a teacher, but I've been in denial about it, because it is the hardest job ever and the pay is rubbish. However, it is also the most rewarding job ever, which is why I have to be one. It'll be a long, hard road in order to become qualified and get tenured at a high school. But if I decide to stay in Vancouver, then I'll be the fifth generation on my Dad's side to teach in this city. I just hope that I don't end up teaching at my old high school, that would be weird.


This is the dress that I was wearing under my robe. You may recognize it from this movie. I got it from Heart My Closet on Etsy. If it doesn't rain this week, I'll do a little photo shoot with it, since it's such a beautiful dress and for a $100 custom made dress, the quality is excellent and it fits perfectly!
I hope to have all of my Portland photos edited and uploaded for tomorrow night, so stay tuned.


Stephanie Lynn said...

Congrats! I graduated from university this year too! And I have the same dress! Worth every penny!

Andi B. Goode said...

Congrats! That's great. I never went to my graduation. Haha. The dress looks fantastic on you. I've wanted that dress for AGES but never have the money all at once. Now that I've seen how great it looks, I'll have to save up...
-Andi x

Cheri Pinktrix said...

Congrats!! OMG I have also wanted this dress for AGES. I'm glad you love yours, it's a great endorsement for me to get one!!

Kate said...


Savannah said...

That's awesome! congratulations! And I love your dress - and you! Both very adorable!

La Fille D'or said...

Congrats!! I Studied English as well and Comparative Lit.
: )

Miss Tami Lee said...

Congratulations! That dress looks amazing on you. Can't wait to see your pics of Portland. I love this city :)