Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coming to America

12 Jun 11

I have a number things to talk about today.

First: Who else agrees with me that we should all kill Steven Moffet for giving us that cliff hanger about River Song and then the Doctor going off to parts unknown and then making us wait until September to find out what happens next?
Second: I bought this skirt recently at a sale and I love the summery print. It's handmade and I think it's from the Seventies. I love finding handmade vintage and discovering the minor mistakes that everyone makes whilst sewing with a machine. What do you think about finding handmade vintage?
Third: I have reached a blogger milestone. I have just past my 250th post without realizing it and I now have over 60 people following my little blog. I was going to do a giveaway and I am currently making something for it, but then Canada Post decided to go on strike and that has rather out a damper on my plans. So my giveaway has now been postponed until the strike is over, which will hopefully be soon.
Forth: The explanation for this post's title is that I will be going south of the border for a few days this month. I will be arriving in Portland by train on the afternoon of the 19th and staying until the 23rd in a neighbourhood called Hawthorne. Anyone have any recommendations? Which thrift and vintage stores are the best? Tips on public transit? Is Powell's City of Books as evil as I imagine it will be? I honestly don't know much about Portland, but it was the furthest away city that I could afford to travel to, so I'm going there.
Does anyone want to meet and show me around and hear me use the word "awesome" way too much?
Please leave me a comment or send me a wire.


LandGirl1980 said...

Love the skirt and I agree with you about Dr Who!!!!

Walt said...

Powells has a pretty good trade policy so if you have a few nice books you can part with bring them along.