Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring is Here, Life is Skittles

6 May 11

The experiment with finding a new outfit background continues. What do you think of the front hall?

I've slowly been settling into the new house. Most of my stuff is still in boxes because I haven't finished arranging my furniture yet nor have I set up my bookcases and my sewing machine is still on the floor, next to a huge pile of mending and summer patterns to be sewn. However I have set the end of the month as my goal for having my room set up and dash it, I'm going to stick to it and then I can take pictures to share.
I do like the area where I'm living more then my previous one, mostly because I've found two thrift stores and an excellent dollar store all within a ten minute walk. And there is a small park at the end of my block, but alas, it is without pigeons.
Spring has definitely sprung; the cherry blossoms are in bloom, birds are returning and I can leave the house without wearing tights, which is delicious even though my legs are scarily pale. I've been thinking about getting a pin curl perm. I used to set my hair every morning during most of my high schools years, which was easy because I lived across the street. But I stopped when I started going to college, since I didn't have time and I now miss having wavy hair. Does anyone have any tips on how to find a place that will do a vintage perm and not a scary 80's perm or know what type of perm to ask for? Or know of a place in Vancouver that will do it?

This is an awesome experimental film that Norman McLaren did for the NFB in 1941, completely without the use of cameras.


Kate said...

Lovely outfit. That colour combination is beautiful!

Faff said...

Cute outfit, love your blouse. Afraid I dont know much about hair styling, altho when I was looking at hair dyes one day I noticed there was also a product for a home wave - the box actually looked a bit retro, but I was intrigued! Maybe something like that could work? Probably consulting your hairdresser would be a safer bet tho! :)