Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Outfit

10 Oct 10

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!
Because I can!
And also because I realized that I had a purple skirt and belt, so why not?
I love looking at all of the pretty lace embellished cardigans on Mod Cloth, but since I can't afford to buy anything on Mod Cloth, I thought I'd make my own. I thrifted this cardigan, which is lovely and so soft, but rather dull, so I stopped by my sewing store and got some 25¢ /metre trim and added it. I alter my cardigans a lot and the way that I find best to add lace or trim in to use the natural separation line between the ribbing and knit and backstitch by hand using doubled thread. I also take my time to go slowly so that the stitches are small and relatively even and not large and unprofessional. Do you have a different way?
By the way, this is my new favourite necklace. It's from The Mymble's Daughter, whom I've bought from before and it's just lovely and it has Alice, Dodo and the thimble. And the two Alice books is/are my favourite book.
Detail -10 Oct 10

I have also noticed that it's my Blogiversary on Sunday, so I've got together a little giveaway, but it was missing something, so I'm now making something to add to it. Watch this space this weekend.

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Franca said...

great job on the cardie and the necklace is wonderful too!