Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recently Embroidered


This year, I've been embroidering a lot of little quotes to hang on my limited wall space. I love embroidering text above all else, mostly because I am unable to draw and there are just too many wonderful modern and vintage patterns floating around Flickr and Etsy to choose from.

The above is from this title card from The Plastic Age, which I really want to see, since it stars Clara Bow. It hangs above my perfume bottles on my dresser.

As You Wish

If The Princess Bride had had a musical number, it would have been the most perfect movie ever! It also has my second favourite sword fight scene. My Dad's hobby is calligraphy, so he wrote this out for me and I embroidered it.
Here it is in context, above one of my bookcases.


Ernie Kovacs quote

Ernie Kovacs -television's original genius. I love Ernie Kovacs. I think he's hilarious and perhaps one of the two true geniuses that television has ever had. I'm working on a post about him that I hope to have written by the end of the month.
I found this frame at the thrift store after I had finished it and I popped it in because I thought the matting made it look like it was on the television screen. It's on the wall next to my TV.

Ceiling Fan and Radio in every room

I thought my bathroom (and by bathroom I mean literary a closet with a toilet in it) was a bit plain, so I decided to dress up the walls by embroidering two phrases from vintage matchbooks on scraps of floral fabric. I wrote down "Ceiling Fan and Radio in every room" ages ago on my list of stuff to embroider. I don't remember where I saw it, but I could have sworn it was from a post on motels from Millie Motts.

Close Cover before Stricking

Don't they look nice on my wall?


There's too much Tuesday in my beetroot salad

I was re-watching my Beyond The Fringe DVD for the millionth time a few weeks ago and during the "Words and Things" sketch, Jonathan Miller said as an example of everyday speech: "There's too much Tuesday in my beetroot salad". I thought it was so absurdly wonderful that I immediately started embroidering it.


Franca said...

these are brilliant!

Lucy Nation said...

Love these. And yes they look great on your wall

Walt said...

The Kovacs quote is usually, and I think correctly, attributed to Fred Allan.