Friday, November 18, 2011

Classic Scents {Shalimar}


Given the number of articles I've been reading of late about the regrettable change that the perfume world is undertaking by replacing natural notes in timeless fragrances with synthetic substitutions and thereby destroying the complex blend of the symphony of notes that make up classic perfumes (and by perfumes, I mean actual perfumes not those candy scented "celebrity" perfumes that you see advertised today) I thought it was high time that I start a series on Classic Scents, before they are forever altered.
I love vintage perfumes. Yes, I did start wearing a scent daily in high school. A classic perfume is the easiest way to embrace a bit of vintage style everyday, regardless of what you might be doing. Yes, I still do wear perfume everyday, even at the grocery store where I work.
Although you should own a wide variety of perfumes in order to mix it up everyday (whether you buy them yourself or you get them as gifts -a bottle of eau de toilette makes a timeless and much loved gift) you will, as I have done, gravitate to one in particular as a signature scent, because you should have a favourite perfume.
Shalimar is not a daily perfume. Although, if you are brave enough to wear it everyday, I applaud you.


Shalimar was created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain for the House of Guerlain. The name "Shalimar" means "abode of love" in Sanskrit and was inspired by the gardens of the Taj Mahal.
Shalimar is described as an Oriental and exotic fragrance.
The three notes that make it what it is are the zesty bergamot, the unexpected civet and the sensual base note of vanilla.
Famous wearers of Shalimar include Gina Lollobrigida and Rita Hayworth.
Shalimar is a complex, powerful and yet warm scent. It's feminine, powdery, opulent, soft, striking, sweet, spicy and above all, mysterious. It smells overwhelming at first, but as it's symphony is revealed as it is exposed to skin and air overtime, it becomes warm and inviting, while still maintaining it's complexity.
This is the perfume one should wear for a night out on the town. Or to spice up an ordinary day of running errands.


What are you're thoughts on perfume, vintage or otherwise?


Andi B. Goode said...

I must admit, I know very little about perfume (I only own Chloe signature scent and Chanel Mademoiselle) and tend to find the more classic scents don't agree with me, though I will also say that I haven't tried a whole lot. Many perfumes in general that I've tried either make me sneeze or give me a light rash so I don't think I'm overly compatible with scents! This does sound lovely, though - I like the idea of a spicy scent! Maybe I should try it out. Oh, and I love the idea of the series. :)
-Andi x

Perdita said...

I love perfumes, modern and classic. Shalimar is an amazing scent, one which is so evocative of its era (in the same way as Anais Anais, Miss Dior, Poison etc' all immediately evoke a vintage time/feel). I adore the bottle, too.