Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Outfit

22 April 11

I miss my blue door, but what do you think of my new porch?

I've been wearing this outfit a lot lately, mostly because I'm loving the colour combination of yellow, teal and grey at the moment. It's also one of the few outfits that isn't wrinkled or being washed at the moment. I've had to wash all of my clothes since moving because my old house had a lot of mould in it, so my clothes tended to have that musty smell when I was unpacking them. Of course, the new washing machine broke two days after we moved and it took almost two weeks for men to come in and fix it. I've also realized that almost half of my wardrobe can only be washed by hand, plus there's my garbage bag full of scarves. Vintage isn't just a fashion, it's a commitment to a lifestyle. One of endless mending, washing and ironing.
I ordered this snood from Arthelia's Attic on Etsy and it's fantastic! Naomi makes great quality snoods and mine arrived in a darling parcel. Plus it keeps one's hair up all day (with a couple of bobbie pins) without shifting. Although, I really should have done my hair in victory rolls, my hair just wont let me do that, so I had to make do with my normal rolls.

I embroidered my new to me cardigan using the pattern from Cassie's tutorial. I just love Scottie Dogs and I now want to embroider my clothes more with little vintage designs. Any suggestions?

Detail 22 April 11

As you know, I've been capping Woody Allen movies this month. This is the trailer for Manhattan Murder Mystery, which I'm not covering but you'll love if you're in a Nick and Nora mood but want to see how Annie Hall dressed in the 1990's.


Franca said...

Fab! I'm wearing yellow tights today too!

Andi B. Goode said...

That IS a great colour combo. =] And I love the new porch.
-Andi x

LandGirl1980 said...

Hey! Just found your blog through PDV weekly link up - not too sure how I have missed you before! I love your style :) Adoring those tights! :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooh love your cardi and skirt and everything! Found you via Penny Dreadful - so glad I did:)). I love Angelica Houston's character as the sexy, sharp, card-playing author. Following!! xo