Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Outfit

For the duration of the Olympics, my classes have been cancelled (you wont it if I told you, the answer as to why is quite stupid) and so I don't have much to do. Does anyone have any requests for Vancouver and Olympic related photos/information/historical background?
In celebration of having over twenty followers on Google (I really must sign up for bloglovin') and the nearing of the 100 posts mark, I shall be announcing a giveaway tomorrow!
Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: Plum
Blouse: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Tights: Hue
Shoes: The Bay

I went down to have a look at the flame today. It's beside the new billion dollar convention centre that was built, next to the old and still in use convention centre, just to house the international media for the Olympics. I have no idea as to it's function after that, but probably not much since it is quite ugly.
Here are the photos I was able to take after pushing people out of the way:

That's right, you can't get anywhere near it. And the photo-op at the security barrier was clearly not designed for short persons like me.

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